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Jason Noll is a top competitor in Modified. ( photo)

Total Seal has a passion for racing seven days a week

By Ben Shelton

It’s no secret Total Seal has long since established themselves as “The Piston Ring Authority.”

From their signature Gapless technology to their Ultra Thin Ring technology, Total Seal is constantly on the forefront of cutting-edge piston ring products.


Joey Moriarty

While you are likely aware of the company’s passion for developing parts that maximize your hot rod’s performance, you might not know many of their employees also enjoy going fast.

This seven-day-a-week desire to win is part of what makes Total Seal so good at what they do.

“I’ve been racing since I was 18 years old,” recounts Total Seal President Joey Moriarty. “It was 1989, and really, it was a random deal that put me behind the wheel. My dad had built an engine for this Late Model Stock. The racer was having issues with the car, so we went out to do a test. After a few laps, my dad asked him if I could take it out for a few laps to shake it down.

“I went faster than him, so the guy – who had been racing for like 15 years – decided to retire on the spot, and I bought the car from him,” Moriarty concludes with a laugh. “From that moment, I was hooked.”

Moriarty, 47, firmly believes the passion he and his employees hold for going fast on the weekends is directly tied to the innovations they make during the week.

“Our company is full of guys who love to compete,” he says. “For instance, you have me and Jason Noll, who love playing in the dirt, and then there’s Matt Hartford that drag races. We are always looking for that performance edge, so it keeps our gears constantly turning on what we can develop next.”

Moriarty goes on to note his love for grass roots racing has actually helped their company’s products become more appealing to the upper echelons of motorsports.


“It definitely doesn’t hurt your company’s image when racers see you at the track every weekend with your own car,” he elaborates. “Ironically, even though none of us race in NASCAR or Formula 1, those guys started getting more interested in our products when they found out that several of us raced. Customers tell me all the time that they prefer doing business with a company that is run by guys who also like to go fast.”

Moriarty’s love for burning up dirt tracks is shared by Noll. The 33-year-old from Phoenix has been racing for 17 years. Working at Total Seal as a sales consultant is a dream scenario for the accomplished racer.

“Like everybody in our sport, when I was growing up, I wanted to race for a living,” Noll comments. “As you get older and responsibilities get in the way of dreams, you have to alter your priorities. However, working at Total Seal is like the best of both worlds. During the week, I get to help other racers select the parts needed to make their cars win. Then on the weekends, I get to take my own car out to the track to chase victories.”

Noll echoes Moriarty’s thoughts on the importance of being constantly involved with the racing scene.



“Being at the track on a regular basis keeps you attuned to what racers and engine builders are needing from their cars,” he comments. “Staying accessible to the racing community is really important too.”

Moriarty often uses his time at the track to look for new connections.

“I often find myself in staging, checking out every car around me to see which engine builder they use,” he says. “If there’s a builder that I haven’t dealt with previously, I’ll make a note to reach out to them the following week. Many times this can lead to new customers.”

Both Noll and Moriarty have enjoyed considerable success behind the wheel.

Noll’s proudest driving accomplishments include a track title at the now defunct Manzanita Speedway, a track championship at Canyon Speedway Park, and a qualifying race win during the annual Duel in the Desert at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

For Moriarty, his proudest moment in racing wasn’t a win or a championship.

Early in his racing career, he was living in New Hampshire with his family. One night, he wanted to go and race at New York’s Oswego Speedway, but the family’s racing budget was tight, so his dad suggested it might be best to sit out that week. It ultimately led to a heated debate, and finally – against his father’s wishes – Joey left to make the six-hour trek to Oswego alone.


Joey Moriarty in action in his Modified. ( photo)

“I can remember it like it was yesterday,” Joey reminisces. “I felt so empty during hot laps because it didn’t feel right to be there without my dad. So, I’m sitting in the pits before the heat races, and they had the track’s crossover gate open. I look up, and here comes my dad walking across the track. After I left, he decided he needed to come and support me.”

With a pause, he continues, “That’s probably the most special moment of my racing career. It was then that I realized exactly what I meant to him and exactly what he meant to me.”

Racing is a sport that is led by innovators who have a passion for competition. Individuals like Joey Moriarty and Jason Noll exemplify the heart of motorsports.

With a staff that includes these two gentlemen, it’s no surprise why Total Seal continues to be an industry leader in the motorsports world.

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    July 14, 2017 at 2:30 am

    he is my favorite in the sport because i am related to him plus i think he the best in the sport because without him in my opinion there wouldn’t be the same


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