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Put It to the Test: Powerhouse Oil Filter Cutter

OIL FILTER CUTTERPowerhouse Oil Filter Cutter

Part# POW351646

Easily open any cartridge-type oil filter for inspection. Cutter includes one blade and ball bearing roller wheels for ease of operation. Optional stand makes it easier.

  • Adjustable design accommodates most filters
  • Cutting wheel included
  • Ball-bearing roller wheels
  • Optional stand for stability

In the Field:


The tool goes over the open end of the filter and tightens like a pipe cutter. The bearing wheels allow it to spin around and let the blade cut.

PPR_OilCut 4

Tighten and repeat until the top comes off.


The filter cartridge can then be removed and inspected.

Brandon Says:

Although there are more economical ways of cutting a filter apart, this is by far the easiest. If you are tired of fumbling with tin snips or shaving contamination from cutting discs or hacksaw blades, this is the answer. For engine shops and racers who need to know, this is a must-have. Not all debris ends up in the pan. With the cartridge out, it can be cut apart and inspected both visually and with a good magnet or a white cloth. We usually chuck our filters up in a vice and spin the top off like butter.



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