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Photo Gallery: 40 Years of Dirt

A look through the COMP Cams photo archives

By Brandon Flannery

It started with a spark. COMP Cams began grinding cams for racers, and those racers began to win.
Racing is a fickle, superstitious sport with little room for parts that don’t work. Consistency in quality and tangible results at the checkered flag are the only way to progress, and all of the advertising in the world doesn’t do anything if the word of mouth isn’t there. Word of mouth is earned by doing things right and helping people reach their dreams.

COMP Cams grew their little spark into a blazing roar of victorious engines across the world, and dirt track racing was at the very core. Some of the earliest customers went on to become household names, and 40 years later, COMP Cams is still the preferred choice of racers.

We were given a rare treat to poke through the COMP Cams photo archives and found a selection of cars for a nice summary of their 40 years of power. Enjoy.


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