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MD3 Line Invades Modifieds

Photo by Josh James

Photo by Josh James

MD3: Setting the Industry Standard in Modified Bodies

No matter what type of racing you choose, one thing is for sure – you’re going to be replacing body panels at some point. Hey rubbin’ is racin’ right? And if you are replacing parts anyway, it’s always a good time to upgrade.

Whether you are racing on dirt or asphalt, one company is the proven leader in the industry for race car body technology – Five Star Race Car Bodies. For years, Five Star has proven their motto: From grass roots to professional racing . . . Five Star has you covered! This is especially true when it comes to Dirt Late Models, where all the best racers run their MD3 products. Lately though, they have really made a push to expand their MD3 line into the Modified market.

The MD in MD3 stands for Maximum Downforce and MD3’s exclusive high-impact plastics and advanced lightweight composites are the most durable, cost-effective materials for racers. Unmatched durability and shape consistency help the exclusive lightweight materials hold up in the toughest racing conditions.

Lower Aero Valance All MD3 body panels and components are designed and aerodynamically engineered for high-performance, maximum-downforce and great-style. No other body panels are tough enough to withstand the rigors of dirt racing. The great part is that all MD3 Modified body panels are legal for use in all-major Modified racing sanctions nationwide.

We happened to find ourselves in Wisconsin on a recent (unrelated) trip, so we took the opportunity to swing by Five Stars’ facility in nearby Twin Lakes to see what the buzz is all about. Here are just a few of the products you can find from them in the Modified persuasion!

Lower Aero Valance LOWER AERO VALANCE: The benefits of the MD3 Modified body panels are countless. It all begins with the molded plastic Lower Aero Valance which enhances the aerodynamics, durability, and structure of the nose. This high-impact panel is designed to maximize front downforce.

The fully adjustable 3-piece valance is a universal fit for all Modified aluminum noses. It’s easy to install and can be mounted for desired ground clearance. It is designed for front overhangs up to 42 inches and for nose widths up to 45 inches. It is available in 10-different colors, and best of all it retails for just $59.

ADVANCED COMPOSITE ROOF: Weight savings is the name of the game in any form of racing and the MD3 Advanced Lightweight Composite Roof has long been the top-choice for winning Dirt Late Model drivers. Five Star was happy to show us the recently announced revised version available for Modifieds. The flat Modified Roof is styled after the popular Late Model Roof, featuring built-in vortex generators to enhance airflow.

Benefits of this cutting-edge piece include: a lightweight-composite construction with a weight of less than 8 pounds, a large shape of 52” x 56” built to the specified maximum allowable size currently enforced by most rule associations and an ultra-durable, light weight molded-plastic roof cap. The roof and roof cap is sold together and is available in multiple colors.

This is the only flat composite Roof available. Other brands must mold in ribs for added structure due to the inferior construction materials used, these ribs negatively affect air flow and make vinyl installation more difficult.

MOLDED PLASTIC WHEEL FLARES & ROCKER PANELS: We know how important creating maximum aerodynamics around wheels as well as along the bottom of your hotrod’s body is. After years of testing and development, the Modified MD3 package now offers molded-plastic wheel flares and rocker panels.

Modified-Rocker-WheelFLareCombo (1200x766)Top modified drivers in the country are taking notice of the benefits of these MD3 Molded Plastic Wheel Flares.

By mounting these along with the Plastic Rocker Panels you definitely get enhanced aerodynamics, while also adding structural rigidity to the side of the body. Another benefit is that the Wheel Flares fit around the wheel opening, which prevents tires from being cut by aluminum body panels.

3 Rocker Panels are needed, 1 each for the left and right door, and another half-sized Rocker Panel to mount behind the rear tire on the quarter panel. The Wheel Flare has a recessed area for a flush mount to the end of the Rocker Panels. Available in 10 colors, this complete system includes (3) rockers and (4) flares for a low price of just $160.


MOLDED PLASTIC NOSE: The line of MD3 Modified products includes a full 3-piece molded-plastic Nose. This thoughtfully-engineered piece is a universal fit for Modified applications and mounts between the external front bumper and the frame stub.

The molded plastic Nose has an adjustable front overhang of up to 42 inches and fits a frame stub width up to 42 inches. The MD3 nose, which is available in six colors, retails for just $169!

Nick Hoffman uses the new aero valance nose on his Modified.

Nick Hoffman uses the new aero valance nose on his Modified.

HOOD SCOOPS & AIR DEFLECTORS: Air filters are a small, yet extremely integral part of your power plant. They are your first line of defense from engine contamination by dirt, rocks, and other debris. With this in mind, the MD3 hood scoops and air deflectors were designed to provide maximum air filter protection.

All new 5-inch tall curved bottom hood scoop.

All new 5-inch tall curved bottom hood scoop.

Sporting an aerodynamic design, the Hood Scoops and Air Deflectors are constructed from a more durable lightweight molded plastic. The Hood Scoops are available in 3- and 5-inch height varieties with a curved or flat bottom. The Air Deflectors are available in 3- and 5-inch heights also. Each piece is available in multiple colors or with a cool carbon-fiber look. The Scoops retail for $49, while the Air Deflectors are priced at $33.

All new 5-inch tall air deflector.

All new 5-inch tall air deflector.

These are just a few of the products that Five Star has developed as of late. We’re sure you’ll be hearing quite a bit more from them as they continue to innovate ways for racers to go faster, while still saving money and time.

The bottom line is that the MD3 product line is the proven-best brand in all of dirt racing, being used on race- and championship-winning Dirt Late Models for many years. As a result, it’s no big surprise that this technology is now spreading like wildfire throughout the Modified world. Lightweight-construction, durability, and ease of installation make MD3 an easy choice for your racecar.

All MD3 products are available exclusively through Five Star Race Car Bodies and Performance Bodies Dealers. Visit or for more information on this cutting-edge technology.

Josh Sherbon utilizes MD3 products on his Modified.

Josh Sherbon utilizes MD3 products on his Modified.


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