Flex-a-lite Offers a New Oil Cooler that Can Help Your Overheating Problems

Flex-a-lite oil cooler

Flex-a-lite offers complete oil cooler systems with everything included right down to the adaptors so you don’t have to go scrounging for parts in the middle of an install.

It’s no secret that excess heat kills race engines. And it isn’t unusual for dirt track racers to have issues keeping their engine temps under control–whether it is mud caking in the radiator and cutting off airflow or simply, gearing that causes the engine to lug or simply long greens on hot, muggy Saturday nights. Regardless of the reason, if the engine temp gets too high the motor oil can loose its ability to protect the moving parts and before long you have expensive engine repairs to make.

One solution to this problem is to add an oil cooler to your system. Many oil coolers are integrated into the radiator, but if you don’t want to invest in a new radiator or have space issues between the nose of the car and the engine, a better solution might be a remote oil cooler. Flex-a-lite has a line of oil coolers that tap into the engine oiling system and provide additional cooling. Besides helping the engine temps, directly cooling the oil can also help reduce transmission temperatures. Flex-a-lite has coolers and sandwich adaptors to fit between the engine and the oil filter to greatly simplify plumbing if all you want to do is add an oil cooler without completely rebuilding your race car. The company also offers kits that include the cooler, adaptor, rubber hose, clamps and fittings so you aren’t reduced to scrounging for parts to make the system work.

For more information, you can check out Flex-a-lite’s web page here.


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