Mallory’s Circle Track Ignition System Really Fires My Rockets

I stink at wiring. No, it’s true and I can admit it. My wiring sucks. That’s part of the reason that I love the dirt track cars so much. There is very little wiring there to deal with. Especially in my Modified. That makes it perfect for me because I can’t handle more than two wires – one black and one red, and only if the terminals match those two colors!

The guys at Mallory must have known that I was electronically challenged because they came up with a fool proof circle track ignition system for our race cars. I’ve used Mallory ignition systems before, and have not had a problem with them. My last modified had a Hy-Fire ignition system and distributor. I sold the ignition module with the car, but kept the distributor as a spare. So, I was looking forward to getting my hands on their new CT Pro system. As I am always reminded by the manufacturers of electrical products; there are many that look the same on the outside, but it’s what is on the inside that counts. 

Mallory's CT Pro Ignition Box is the Real Deal!


The Mallory CT Pro Ignition module looks similar to some of the others that I’ve seen but there are some really great features. It has the adjustable Rev Limiting dials on the end of the box, and a dial to select 4,6 or 8 cylinders. Next to the Dials is a red LED light. This light is what makes it special for electronic boneheads like me. You turn the ignition switch on, and the light blinks three times to let you know that the system is working properly. Then you turn the engine over and the led light will flash letting you know that the triggering system is operating. If you’re not getting fire at that point, the problem is some place else. The darn thing will diagnose itself! That’s exactly what I need.

The CT PRo Coil is the only recommended coil for the CT Pro Ignition Box.


Because the ignition box is a high energy, high endurance ignition system, it can only be operated with the CT Pro coil. The guys at Mallory say that they did extensive testing and no other coil, Mallory or other, would stand up to the stress of this ignition system. So that was also a no brainer. Get the CT Pro Ignition Box and you need to get the CT Pro coil. Seems simple enough.

The CT Pro Ignition Box can be used on 4,6,or 8 cylinder and has a built in Rev Limiter that is adjustable with these switches.


The Crown jewel in the package I got for the #K9 Sport Mod, and this may surprise some people, is the spark plug wires from Mallory’s sister company Accel. Because the modifieds use open headers and we try to throw as much fuel into the combustion chamber as possible, the heat near the spark plugs is very high. The Accel Extreme 9000 plug wires with ceramic boots is the cure all for the high temperature conditions. Check this out; they say these boots can withstand temps up to 2000 degrees. Perfect for use on dirt modifieds.

For a real jolt of electricity, we are using these hi temp Accel Exteme 9000 plug wires with a ceramic boot.


There you have it. The K9 modified is getting a new ignition system and even this electrical moron doing the upgrade can do the wiring without a glitch. We will be taking a closer look at this system very soon. That means that the K9 is one step closer to getting on the track.


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