Hunter Marriott 2 - Byron Fichter Photo

Racer Hunter Marriott talks about the newest shock absorber technology from Bilstein.

springs - shocks

Learn the ins and outs of shock and spring settings in this quick, informative tech video.

Comp Cams Micro Surface Enhancement 1

COMP Cams has introduced new camshaft finishing technology that increases strength and performance.

B-Mod front geometry

This 5-minute video provides an insight into the settings for front suspension and geometry for your racecar.

Ray Cook tech video

Ray Cook says deck height tech has become a joke over the past few years. He’s looking to change that in 2018.

Jones 121917

Looking for more power from your crate engine? Jones Racing Products has a new solution.

Coil Springs

Take a few minutes to geek out on this video of the coil spring production process.


Watch as a Dirt Late Model gets a new set of AutoMeter Products nearly indestructible, waterproof Extreme Environment gauges installed.

Driven SR50

Driven Racing Oil brings a new oil to the market, which targets maximum performance at a price that the average racer can afford.

Maintenace at the shop can many times be the difference in winning and losing.

Billy Moyer Jr. returns with maintenance tips and checklists for keeping your racecar operating at top performance.

X-1 Race Car 111617

X-1 Race Cars has built a new Sprint Car chassis from a new material that looks to offer more strength and safety.

Lazer Chassis 1

With 36 years of experience in building race cars and parts, Bernheisel Race Cars is growing faster than ever.

FAST E7 Ignition 1

FAST brings a new programmable ignition to the market, which features state-of-the-art technology and flexibility.

Joseph Leister - Scott Frazier photo

With a staff that is led by racers, COMP Cams uses on-track experience to put customers in Victory Lane.

Total Seal

Total Seal Piston Rings is stepping up to the plate to bridge the gap between the technologies that racers need and their ability to obtain it.

MSD Start and Step

MSD Start and Step Control will save your starter and your sanity.

Joie of Seating seat

The Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt are being proactive with their safety requirements. What do you think about this initiative?


We put the Powerhouse Products Oil Filter Cutter to the test.

Liquid Wrench

Liquid Wrench is winning awards while making work in your garage much easier.

Street Stocks

Whether it’s burning up a dirt track in your hot rod or setting the water on fire in your trusty boat, Quicksilver is making your life easier.

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