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Madd Maxx Victorville 2010 Race 1 Videos: Now Live

Guys sorry for the delay with getting the Madd Maxx Videos online. I had to drag my lazy butt in front of the computer, import them, export them and upload them. Sad, I know. But such is life in publishing.

These videos are from Race 1 at Victorville Raceway, our Project Street Stock Madd Maxx. We won our heat race and finished #8 in the race. They were shot with a nice Sony HD Camera and a GoProHD.

“Stands View” – Heat Race and Race 1:

Heat Race: Bumper Cam. Watch me drive like a moron, smack a few cars, then hit the wall, and win the race. Camera gets jolted when I hit the wall.

On-Car Camera – A-Main, Camera is mounted to the room. Video 1 of 2 (10 minutes long):

Video 2 of 2

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