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Madd Maxx Turkey Thrash. Day 2 and 3

Even after the boys pulled a late night on Saturday running wires all over the chassis, there was more to be done which put the boss in a wire biting mood. When it was all said and done, we have to give a lot of props to the guys at ACCEL on their Lightning Cable.

We got our hands on a couple of 20 foot rolls of the 1/0 gauge battery wire. One red and one black. Premium wire and worth our time to pull out the old crusty battery cables and run new ACCEL Lightning Cable. As mentioned in the previous blog, we installed a “floating” ground the entire length of the car. This was another very good move. Relying on the cage to provide a ground for most of the electrical components is a long term recipe for charging problems.

With one of the shop dawgs working on wiring under the dash to the gauges, the other shop dawgs went to work installing our new cooling system. Maxx has been plagued with overheating problems from the day we brought him in the shop. By all accounts, overheating problems have cost us three races, one transmission and two sets of cylinder heads and one engine. Our solution? Easy. We talked to Roger Rosebush at Be Cool. Roger set us straight. Get a nice aluminum, double pass radiator and a good fan and everything would be great.

We were skeptical at first but when the parts arrived, what Roger told us made sense. The Be Cool radiator was wider, taller, thicker and weighed the same as our old one. Our shop dawgs fired up the welder and made new brackets to mount the Be Cool radiator and fan. The Be Cool fan alone is going to make a huge difference.

We’ve tried a number of fans, without success. We’ve even tried one in the front of the radiator and one behind the radiator at the same time, with the same result. Once we had the Be Cool fan wired in, we gave it a quick test. Instant wind tunnel. We need to throw a cape on it and call it a super hero. Now, here’s the lesson learned from that experience: NOT ALL FANS ARE THE SAME. NOT ALL RADIATORS ARE THE SAME. A good cooling system is worth the cost. Don’t cheat yourself here. Roger, this is for you: Don’t be a fool. Be Cool.

After we played around with the cooling system for a while, it was back to the grindstone. The floorboard had a lot of small holes throughout the car. The guy that sold us the car claimed that they were “inspection ports”. They looked like holes to us. So we had the weldor dawg cut pieces of metal to cover the “inspection ports” and tack weld them in place. When they were covered sufficiently, a thin bead of seam sealer was used around the edges to completely seal off the interior of the car from the track.

While all the shop dawgs were hard at work on real maintenance issues, we had the shop puppy do some routine checks. While the car was on the lift, our shop puppy checked nuts and bolts for security, and do a little touch up painting. The pup also was entrusted to check fluid levels and air pressures in the tires.

At the end of day three, Maxx seemed ready to roll and making the Turkey Classic would be a breeze. Tomorrow we roll Maxx on the dyno and check the numbers. Stay tuned for the final pictures and end results of the Thrash for the Turkey!

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