Take a Video Tour of Larry Shaw Race Cars

Larry Shaw Shop Tour

Larry Shaw is one of the great chassis builders in our business. Recently, our Ben Shelton sat down with Shaw to discuss his career in racing, and if you missed it we definitely recommend checking it out here.

And now we are back with a follow-up we know all of you all of you who enjoy getting your hands dirty working on race cars will love. Larry’s son Kevin provided OneDirt with a great behind-the-scenes tour of the race car shop. He starts with the brand-new front stubs that arrive in several stampings and must be welding into a single piece and guides us all the way through the process until a finished race car is ready for its driver.

Even though we’ve been in countless race shops and watched race cars going together countless times, we still love hanging out around race car builders and fabricators. It is always fascinating to see how they can make something so incredible from a pile of tubing.

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