Speedway Illustrated Promotes New Legislation to Benefit Racers


Speedway Illustrated recently published an excellent article that took a hard look at the legal complexities involved with towing a race car in an enclosed trailer.

A lot of what Joyce Standridge found in the article is quite sobering. For example, while running a “Not for hire” decal on the side of your truck will eliminate a lot of hassles, if your truck is over the weight limits authorities won’t care if it is for hire or not. Also, each state has their own regulations for big rigs that stack on top of federal regulations, and if you are towing through multiple states you have to be legal for all of them. Simply being legal for your home state isn’t enough. Finally, did you know that while the IRS says your racing activity is a hobby, the DOT classifies it as a commercial enterprise?

Fortunately, there’s also good news. Modified racer Corey Dripps was featured in the article describing a nightmare experience he had with an overzealous DMV official. And now he’s working to actually change the laws in Iowa to make them more fair for racers. Here’s what Speedway’s Karl Fredrickson told us of Dripps’ plan. “Following proper protocol, Corey and his group petitioned Iowa’s House of Representatives by writing a letter and including a copy of the March Speedway Illustrated to each. We’re thrilled to report that the bill HF2447 passed the House with a 93-0 vote. It is now in the Senate Ways and Means. (He called today to say that it passed there, and should be discussed on the senate floor this week.)”

That’s excellent news for racers, and we encourage you to contact your state representative and encourage them to consider the same thing. Here’s a copy of the bill that passed the Iowa House. It will make an excellent template for other states to craft their own legislation that isn’t completely biased against racers simply trying to get to the race track.

It is long and full of lawyer-speak, but Fredrickson gave us the gist of it. The bill does the following:

1.  Creates a new class of vehicles called “Motorsports recreational vehicle”.  Annual registration is $400.
2.  An MRV registration can be used for the purpose of participating in motorsports competitions primarily for relaxation or entertainment purposes and not for a commercial purpose. “Commercial Purpose” DOES NOT include a competition that involves prize money or commercial sponsorship.
3.  Exempts transportation of race fuel from general fuel regulations if the fuel is contained in fuel cells of a car or transported in the trailer in SFI Foundation containers.
4.  Permits a combination MRV up to 85 feet, unless specifically prohibited by federal law.

The folks at Speedway Illustrated fell very strongly about this issue and to help get the word out and educate racers on what they are facing, they have allowed us to reprint the article. We’ve posted grapic images of each page below. You can click on each to blow them up to a readable size or print them out to read away from the computer.

Towing Page 1[1]


Towing Page 2[1]


Towing Page 3[1]


Towing Page 4[1]


Finally we want to pass along a final nugget of good news. Speedway Illustrated only has a limited amount of the issue containing the towing feature story but will be giving it away for free with new subscriptions. OneDirt readers are getting a five-dollar cut from the $19.95 per year subscription price to $14.95. Hit this special link to get yours: Speedway Illustrated Subscription Offer.

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  • Mark Knowles says:
    April 15, 2014 at 10:57 am

    I like this legislation and it will need plenty of public backing with letters and phone calls. Keep those communications positive…legislators need your input to make the decision you want.

  • Mike Oconnor says:
    May 12, 2014 at 2:01 pm

    This appears to be a proactive solution I like it . I am from minnesota travel into Iowa with my toterhome, trailer & truck pulling hobby & have experienced the wrath of the Iowa Dots personally. How can I help? I also serve on the NTPA board. I would like to present this plan in Minnesota when it is successfully in Iowa!


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