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There’s no shortage of things for racers to fear.

Some days, they have to worry about picking the right setup to win the race. Other times, they might fear the consequences of pushing the limitations of the rules too far. On some occasions, their concerns might be focused upon something as trivial as whether or not a race will fall victim to rain.

Perhaps the greatest fear for any racer, though, is the thought of having to deal with a fire onboard their race car.

Holley takes great pride in the safety of their products, and once again they’ve stepped up to the plate to do their part in protecting racers.

“Sometimes as technology progresses, it’s safety that gets lost in the shuffle,” comments Holley’s Blane Burnett. “However, at Holley our approach has always been a little different than most. We believe that technology and safety should always work hand-in-hand.”

The latest innovation from Holley is Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves.

These valves feature an internal valve ball that reduces fuel spillage from carburetor vent tubes in crash situations. Their effectiveness doesn’t stop there, as they also reduce fuel slosh from vent tubes during hard launches, stops, or while traversing rough terrain.

Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves (1138x1200)This versatile design makes the Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valve ideal for a wide variety of motorsports, including off-road racing, dirt track racing, and even rough-water marine racing.

“Holley works with just about every form of motorsports, and that provides us a great advantage, when it comes to designing new safety features,” notes Burnett. “Through field-testing, we’ve been able to determine what does and doesn’t work in real-world scenarios. The end result is products that go the extra mile to protect racers.”

When the Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valve is in an upright position, fuel vapors vent normally through the carburetor vent tubes. However, when the valve is severely jolted or completely inverted, the internal valve ball significantly limits the amount of fuel that can leak from the carburetor.

“We’ve done experiments on various carburetors – test videos can be seen at – and the differences between standard vent tubes and the Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valve is truly a night and day difference,” explains Burnett. “With standard vent tubes in place, when inverted the carburetor loses all the fuel in the fuel bowls. Conversely, with the Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves in place, the amount of fuel dispersed in the event of a rollover is reduced dramatically.”

In the grueling world of off-road racing, these safety devices were instantly deemed to be a necessity by key sanctioning bodies. In fact, the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) and Traxxas TORC Series have already mandated the use of the Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves by its competitors.
Burnett believes this new design would also be highly viable in the world of dirt track racing.

Vent Tube in action

“Obviously, this technology is a no-brainer safety feature for off-road racing due to the rough and tumble nature of the sport. However, if you really sit back and look, there’s a lot of similarities in the types of challenges that carburetors face in dirt track divisions, like Late Models and Modifieds. As a result, I honestly think that these Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves could go a long way toward protecting drivers in the dirt track world.”

The Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves from Holley come in two variations — barbed and non-barbed. The barbed version allows customers to attach a rubber hose to the end of each reduction valve. This hose will have a few holes in the top of it in order to vent fumes. It allows fuel to continue to vent while making fuel fight gravity, making it harder for fuel to make its way up into the hose.

“At the end of the day, there is currently no technology on the market to completely eliminate fuel spillage from the carburetor in the event of a flip,” comments Burnett. “However, our Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves greatly reduce this spillage to a fraction of what it used to be.”

Burnett concludes by saying, “At Holley, we are very proud of these new valves, and we truly believe that they are one of the best values in safety equipment available. As an added bonus, it’s important to note that this safety device doesn’t impede a vehicle’s performance what-so-ever. The bottom line is that by using Vent Tube Spill Reduction Valves you are exponentially increasing safety without reducing your chance at success.”


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