Possibly the Greatest New Product from the PRI Show

Holley Hydramat

We spent three days covering every inch of the Performance Racing Industry trade show, and the product that seemed to get the most attention was Holley’s new Hydramat.

The hydramat is essentially a fuel pickup that covers the entire fuel cell. We saw it running consistently with less than half of a gallon of water with0ut ever allowing a bubble of air get to the fuel pump–even when half the mat was exposed!

Since the Hydramat can suck every last drop of fuel from a cell, this invention should allow racers to run a smaller fuel cell and put more lead where it’s needed. And for fuel injected applications–which are growing every season–the Hydramat will be a real lifesaver since any hiccup in the fuel delivery can cause real problems.

Check it out in the video and for more information you can go to Holley.com.

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