Performance Friction’s Innovative V3 Disc Cuts Weight and Makes Your Life Easier


We love it whenever a manufacturer comes up with a real innovation in racing hardware. It doesn’t seem to happen all that often anymore, but when it does it definitely gets our attention.

Performance Friction (PFC) definitely has a useful innovation with it’s V3 floating hub brake rotors, and now the company has announced that they are available with the wide-five hubs dirt racers demand.

The V3 rotor is different because instead of using bolts and T-blocks to float the disc to the hub it utilizes a giant retaining ring. The ring significantly speeds up the process or removing or installing a disc to the hub. There is no need for torque wrenches or a handful of fasteners. Instead the retaining ring–which looks a lot like a giant wrist pin lock if you’ve ever built engines–sits in a groove in the hat that overlaps the rotor flanges to lock everything in place. Of course, in the real world you aren’t pulling hubs off rotors that often, so the real advantage to this patented design is a reduction in unsprung weight and–best of all–there’s nothing to safety wire!

It is a little bit difficult to visualize, so check out the video below to see it in action. And you can hit up PFC’s web page on the V3 rotors here.

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  • waynep71222 says:
    August 1, 2014 at 4:04 am

    missed out on the article title.. Rotor replacement is now a snap.


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