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On The Prowl
PRI 2017: The Brinn Predator Transmission Has Crate Engine Racers Talking

(Special to Todd Silvey)

When Brinn Inc. unveiled their new Predator circle track transmission at the 2017 Performance Racing Industry Trade Show, racers lined up to examine the wealth of features at their booth’s transmission podium.

“Interest has been great, and we’re selling quite a few of the Predator transmissions this week,” Robert Kietzman, Senior Product Engineer for Brinn tells us. “The Predator offers the lowest internal rotating mass/weight for a circle track racing transmission. We have had a million questions asked by racers who compete in crate engine classes. With the horsepower levels very similar, the Predator is an advantage when it comes to parasitic horsepower loss at the transmission.”

Brinn Salvage

The Brinn Predator transmission is giving crate racers unprecedented performance.

The Predator is a two- speed direct replacement for Muncie or Borg Warner transmissions. The low gear ratio is 2.68:1 and a 1:1 final drive gear. The reverse gear ratio is 1.78:1. The lightweight internal clutch of the Predator eliminates the need for any external clutch assembly.

The direct drive is a straight-through shaft design where the low and reverse gears are not part of the rotating mass when the two-speed trans is in high gear.

“The input and output shafts are gun-drilled for weight reduction,” Kietzman continued. “Many components are cryogenically treated for maximum strength. Weighing in at only 45-pounds, it’s also one of the lightest transmissions in overall weight on the market.”

With the development of this new trans by Brinn, the company also saw the need for a transmission fluid that did not currently exist for their transmission design. That is why they created their RT1 Transmission Fluid that effectively lubricates critical bearings, shafts, and gears. This fluid is exclusively recommended for the Predator trans and is gaining popularity for use in other circle track manual transmissions.

Kietzman says, “This trans really requires minimal maintenance for a competition level manual transmission.”

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