How ATI Builds a Damper Tuneable to Your Engine Package

How an ATI racing harmonic damper works

Here’s a video we shot at the SEMA show featuring JC Beattie Jr of ATI Performance Products taking a look at their new products for 2015. ATI is easily the most trusted harmonic damper manufacturer for racing engines. In the big league classes it is practically the only damper you will find on any engine.

We’re pretty sure you don’t care about their new dampers for Subarus or dry sump Corvettes (OK, the Corvette stuff is pretty cool) but Beattie also talks about how ATI’s ultra-successful dampers work, and how they can be tuned to do the best job damping harmful engine vibrations in your race engine. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and if you are into making horsepower at all we bet you will like to see this.

For more information, you can contact ATI here.

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