Driven Racing Oil Introduces Storage Protection

Driven offers two versions of Storage Defender for gasoline engines (one formulated for fuel and one for oil) to combat corrosion and degradation that occurs at an accelerated pace during prolonged periods of storage. Both products feature special corrosion-inhibitors and anti-oxidants that work to counteract the damaging effects of moisture buildup from the hydroscopic characteristics of Ethanol-blended fuel and from chemical decay.

In addition, the Gasoline Additive stabilizes the fuel as well as cleans existing deposits on intake valves, fuel injectors, carburetors and in the combustion chamber. Simply perform an oil change, add the oil additive to your oil and the fuel additive to your gas tank, top off the fuel tank and run the engine for five minutes before putting the vehicle in storage.

Part No: 80004 Price: $18.99

Driven Storage Defender

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