Crane Has Designed an All New HEI Distributor Just for Racing

Crane HEI Distributor

Crane Cams keeps upping its game when it comes to ultra high quality ignition systems for high performance and racing.

The company’s latest innovation may seem like old tech, but it has a really cool new twist. Yes, HEI ignitions have been around for decades, but they are still required in many Pure Stock and Street Stock racing classes. OEM HEI ignitions are a poor choice for racing because they typically run out of steam around 6,000 rpm, but Crane’s new HEI distributor has been engineered from the ground up for performance. A high performance coil maintains 8.5 amps, so this ignition should still be able to light off a high compression race engine up to and above 8,000 rpm. But most interesting of all is the new circuitry that Crane has baked right into the unit. Most racing HEI distributors lock out the mechanical and vacuum advance systems–and this Crane unit is no different in that respect. But what Crane’s engineers have managed to do that no one else has is build in an electronic spark retard that uses no moving pieces. So when the engine is first cranked over, the unit provides 20 degrees of start retard until the engine hits 600 rpm. This will make firing up a heat soaked race engine a lot easier.

For more, you can check out Crane Cams’ web page here.

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