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A Quick Look At The Short Film “Crossing the Road Material”

A short film about dirt track racing has been making the social media rounds since late December. It caught our attention because of the camera work and detail in the video. A deeper dive into the film uncovered some interesting details about the video that many are not aware of.


The video work of a product of Antony Crook, who directed the film, and was backed by the Scottish post-rock group Mogwai. According to some sources, “post-rock” is a brand of experimental rock music. Admittedly, we had no knowledge of Crook or Mogwai (or post-rock for that matter), but a google search turned us into fans of all three. Prior to this, our favorite Mogwai was a little gremlin named Gizmo. After hearing their work on YouTube, which is like an instrumental version of popular band The Cure, we’ve found another line of music that will play in the background as we write our latest articles.

The film Crossing The Road Material actually appears on Mogwai’s recent album, Every Country’s Sun. In a stripped down review of the film, the mini-documentary follows New York dirt track racer Johnny Herchinger as he prepares and races at the Accord Speedway in New York’s Castkills Mountains. The Video highlights several different classes at the track including the impressive Big-Block Modifieds that only compete in the upper Northeast part of the country.

Not to spoil the ending of the film but … but it ends with a roll-over and Herchinger taking a trip to the hospital in the ambulance.



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