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SEMA 2012: Joe Gibbs Driven Offers Street & Race Synthetic Oils

Street enthusiasts can take advantage of advancements in oil technology with the new LS30 5W-30 synthetic oil from Joe Gibbs Driven.

“It’s one of the first of its kind,” says Lake Speed Jr., a certified lubrication specialist at Joe Gibbs Driven. “It’s developed specially from mPAO base-stock technology that provides a higher viscosity index.”

Formulated for high-performance LS engines, the LS30 is rated at 5W-30 but has the effect of higher 15W-40 oil. This oil also has a higher zinc content for anti-wear protection and defends against moisture drawn into the engine by modern ethanol-blended fuels. Other Joe Gibbs Driven formulas are designed specifically for old-school musclecars, air-cooled engines, high-performance Ford modular engines, motorcycles, high-revving imports and marine engines.

For racers, there’s the new XP9 that also takes advantage of advanced synthetic bases to provide high-temperature and high-shear protection.

“The goal of any engine builder is to find an oil that stays close to the desired oil viscosity at all times,” says Speed. “Using these advanced base stocks, we can go thinner but still maintain bearing-oil thickness.”

Racers normally running 20W-50 can drop down to XP9, which is typical of a 10W-40 oil. XP9 is compatible is methanol and high-octane race fuels.

Synthetic oils are generally preferred by racers. A conventional oil can handle temperatures up to 160 degrees while synthetics can withstand up to 290 degrees. The higher tolerance to temperature helps the oil longevity.

Joe Gibbs Driven also offers a full line of engine and vehicle lubricants, including synthetic gear oil, an ultra-lightweight qualifying gear oil, transmission fluids, power-steering fluid, chassis grease, engine break-in oil and engine assembly grease.


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