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SEMA 2012: Crane Cams Holds Steady With Their Roller Lifters

Crane Cams' dependable race-level hydraulic roller lifters.

Crane Cams has steadily been engineering and manufacturing their line of valvetrain components for decades in what can only be called “comfortable dependability.”

Transitioning into the LS market with high caliber components and continuously developing new products for their ignition line, Crane Cams has unflinchingly continued to provide the quality components that made them an industry leader from the start.

[quote align=”alignright” width=”200″]We build these parts at that level because we feel our customers deserve the best part available.
– Chase Knight[/quote]

Not missing a beat, Chase Knight (Valvetrain Product Manager) explained Crane’s ongoing commitment to auto enthusiasts. “We have a new product coming out shortly, a roller rocker arm that is an upgraded piece for the serious LS enthusiasts. However, products like the hydraulic roller lifter continue to be our biggest sellers, and have been for some time now. We only build them at one level. It’s a premium part that works from street to all out racing. We build these parts at that level because we feel our customers deserve the best part available.”

Crane’s engineering team designed the tried and true hydraulic roller lifters with certain benefits in mind. Straighter tracking, increased durability and higher RPMs when a very stable valve train is employed was the goal. To achieve that goal, the lifter bodies are fully CNC machined from 8620 billet steel and feature a high quality surface finish. Heat-treated steel guidebars with a Monel rivet and flange retaining system further add to the durability of Crane’s hydraulic roller lifters.

Design feature like the bearing focused oiling helped to make these lifters durable at higher RPMs.

“These roller lifters have 8,000 rpm reliability and are individually leak down tested,” says Knight. “Manufactured with all premium quality materials like the upgraded guide bar and Monel rivet, and designed with special features like our bearing focused oil system are the key to the increased durability and higher rpm potential.”

A precision-valved plunger assembly optimizes RPM potential, while a heavy-duty roller wheel and bearing assembly track true, thanks to the lifter body’s strength and superior guidebar system.

Retrofit hydraulic roller systems are available for small and big block Chevy, Ford and Mopar applications, as well as replacement models for engines originally equipped with hydraulic rollers. As for the LS roller rocker arms – we’ll have to wait for the PRI tradeshow to get a better look.

Crane's Chase Knight gave us a sneak peek at the LS roller rocker arm that Crane Cams will be unveiling at the PRI tradeshow next month.


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