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SEMA 2012: BrakeQuip Releases Their Latest Offerings At SEMA

At this year’s SEMA show, there was no shortage of anything automotive being unveiled at the show, and that includes tools and shop supplies. BrakeQuip was on hand to show off their latest offerings of tools for the shadetree mechanic.

[quote align=”alignright” width=”200″]Our new pipe benders make installing brake or fuel lines easy,and offer a soft grip handle so your hands are comfortable. -Margaret Meek[/quote]

We spoke with Margaret Meek, and she gave us a walk through of all the tools they had on hand for enthusiasts to admire. Their big thing for 2013 is a variety of flaring tools, and specialty pliers that help bend tubing like brake and fuel lines.

Margaret was full of enthusiasm when we ran into her at the show, and was keen on sharing BrakeQuips newest products. “Our new pipe benders make installing brake or fuel lines easy, and offer a soft grip handle so your hands are comfortable.”

They come in non-adjustable and adjustable specifications, and BrakeQuip had them both on hand for us to check out. They’re both capable of bending 3/16- and 1/4-inch tubing, while the adjustable version can make quick work of 5/16- and 3/8-inch tubing sizes. Not only can they do this, but they can also bend 1/4-inch tubing up to a 180-degree radius. 

The non-adjustable bender features smooth rollers for frictionless bending action, while you can adjust the adjustable version for metric sizes 4.75mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 11mm. Both of these are affordable, easy to use, and will fit just about anywhere and in any kind of tool box.

BrakeQuip also had some other goodies on display, including a rolling work bench that featured overhead lighting, plenty of storage shelves, and enough room to hang all of your favorite tools or miscellaneous necessities like hammers, electrical tape, or a calendar.

So if you’re in the market for some tube bending equipment and want the best, then look into BrakeQuip for all of your tube-bending needs.


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