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Photos: The Leftover at 411

The Schaeffer’s Oil Iron Man Series rolled into 411 Motor Speedway (Seymour, Tennessee) on Saturday for the annual Leftover.

With thirty-three entries on hand for the $5,000-to-win event, Grayson, Kentucky’s Jackie Boggs led every lap of the feature to score the victory.

Michael Moats ( brings us these photos from the program.

The Leftover Feature Finish

  1. Jackie Boggs
  2. Casey Roberts
  3. Johnny Cloer Jr.
  4. Devin Moran
  5. Stephen Breeding
  6. Steve Anderson
  7. Jadon Frame
  8. Caleb Ashby
  9. Robby Moses
  10. Jason Cardwell
  11. Jason Welshan
  12. Billy Ogle Jr.
  13. Zach Leonhardi
  14. Shane Tankersley
  15. Carder Miller
  16. Joey Standridge
  17. Levi Ashby
  18. Skylar Marlar
  19. Tyler Bare
  20. Dakotah Knuckles
  21. Shanon Buckingham
  22. Bobby Giffin

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