B-Mod front geometry

This 5-minute video provides an insight into the settings for front suspension and geometry for your racecar.

Tire Prep

Looking for expedited tire siping? This just might be the tool you need.

Hoosier Tire 3

Billy Moyer Jr. returns with his latest “Tech Made Simple” installment, where he discusses tire preparation for different rules and track types.

Tire Grooving 1

Check out this video where a Dirt Late Model crew chief explains how to groove and sipe the right front tire.

Now it is time to begin the process of filling the tire with air. You probably will need to hold the tire against the bead. To make this easier, Vernon uses a quick disconnect mounted to the wheel that holds an air hose in place. This leaves his hands free to pull the tire up against the bead until the tire starts inflating. After that the air pressure inside the tire will hold it in place.

Changing tires is practically a weekly chore for most racers. It may not be your favorite task, but it is still a part of life–so you might as well do it right. It may seem simple, and there may not be a single best way to install a new tire on a beadlock race wheel, […]

Tires can harden, or even glaze over, with repeated heat cycles and wear. Keep a regular check on the hardness of your tires, and make sure to check the inside, center and outside quadrants of each tire just to monitor for uneven wear.

Everything you do to improve your race car’s suspension. All that hard work you put in dialing in the setup. All those hours invested trying to get everything just right. It is all about maximizing the friction between the race track and the small contact patch at the bottom of each tire. And when you […]


Our resident street stock driver is making the jump to modifieds for the 2012 season. Before his jump to the open wheels we asked him to write one last story about the greatest mistakes he has made and seen made over the course of his 180 street stock events. Have you made these mistakes before?


To get the lowdown on properly grooving and siping your tires, we went to the experts and compiled a beginners guide to correctly grooving and siping your tires. What the experts had to say might surprise you.

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