Chassis & Suspension

Coil Springs

Take a few minutes to geek out on this video of the coil spring production process.

B-Mod Rear Suspension

In this short, informative video we get an explanation of adjustments and setup on the rear of a B-Mod.

Larry Shaw 4-Link

Take a bird’s eye view of the 4-Link suspension at work on a Larry Shaw Modified.

Longacre Racing Products

New hybrid scales that send all of the data to a wireless tablet are just one of the newest technological advances made available from Longacre Racing Products.

Intercomp video

OneDirt’s Ben Shelton talks with Carter Gerlach of Intercomp about their latest technology, which includes their coil over spring rater and pull bar rater.

QA1 video

Take a few minutes to enjoy this all-access, behind the scenes tour of QA1’s 85,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Minnesota.

Fox Shocks

Billy Moyer Jr. returns with his second installment of his “Tech Made Simple” series. In this piece he focuses on shocks.

Billy Moyer Jr.

Billy Moyer Jr. begins a new feature here at OneDirt, where racers break tech aspects of a race car down to a point, where we can all understand it.

Gulledge checks wheel camber first. Camber is the amount the top of the wheel leans either in (negative camber) or out (positive) measured in degrees from vertical. With the wheels pointed straight ahead he mounts the gauge to the wheel up and then rotates the gauge using the small bubble level on the end until it is level.

  When you first start racing, there are a few specialized tools practically everyone will need to supplement the usual assortment of wrenches and pliers in the toolbox. One of the prime tools that we’d definitely recommend is a quality caster/camber gauge. We don’t know if we’ve ever met a winner in victory lane who […]

Now that we have this value and length, we can use these reference numbers to install any spring combination on that corner to maintain wheel load rates and ride heights. If you are changing to a softer spring, you will have to add preload to get the same target load number--which will give you the same ride height. Likewise, you will need to reduce preload when switching to a harder spring.

OneDirt takes a look at Intercomp Racing’s new Coil-Over Spring Rater to see how it can give you an advantage on the competition The average racer can make most of the necessary measurements on their race car and compare them against numbers their chassis builder or a trusted racing veteran. But the savviest racers (and […]

A Dirt Late Model on W.A.R. Shocks' pull down rig.

There’s no doubt that shocks have become a very important part of just about every winning racing program. As dirt track racers are becoming more savvy, more and more are figuring out how useful a properly tuned racing shock can be to helping maintain traction and even tuning the car for a dirt track’s constantly […]

Now turn the steering wheel until the tire and spindle is rotated back straight and then 20 degrees to the right. Set the gauge to level once again and check the readout. This is your caster angle.

Football may be a game of inches, but racing is a game of degrees–at least it is when it comes to dialing in your setup. Being able to dial in the right setup is nice, but being able to do it week after week can be the difference between a frustrating season and a seat […]

More and more race teams are realizing how a strong shock program can benefit their racing. They are working more closely with dedicated shock tuners or purchasing their own shock dyno and building shocks themselves.

Shocks are becoming increasingly important to a winning race program. Being able to dyno test your own shocks can mean the difference between finding your own advantage or depending on somebody else for one   In many ways, dirt racing is just like ordinary life: Technology continually evolves and you either keep up or get […]

Kyle Strickler, the High Side Tickler, said he was spending so much time modifying Modified chassis from other manufacturers that he decided he'd be better off having his own chassis built to his specific specs.

Kyle Strickler is one of the very few Dirt Modified drivers who has managed to successfully make driving a full-time career. Of course, in a class where the typical winner’s purse is right at $1,000, you’ve got to win an awful lot to make it work. Strickler is one of the few people who has […]

All four pads should be level for best accuracy. Once you've found the most level location on your shop floor, mark the locations for each pad with tape or paint so that you will get repeatable results every time you scale your car.

An accurate set of scales is a vital tool for any racing program that hopes to see victory Lane regularly. This is true no matter if you are racing Pure Streets, Mini Stocks, Super Late Models or Sprint Cars. Weight plays a large impact on the handling of a car, and how that weight is […]


Proper chassis setup is critical to performing successfully on the track and finding your way into victory lane. In order to get a perfectly set up race car, you’ll need a couple of simple but very useful tools. We cover the basics in this article.


Our project car needed some serious chassis setup help. The previous owner adopted a policy of “all things are created equal” and had mounted a different type shock on each corner of the car. We called a real Pro for some help.

Aero Race Wheels does everything "in-house" including making their own dies.  This allows the manufacturer to put different degree flanges on wheels for stronger racing wheels.

Truth be told, there’s more to racing wheels than most of us ever realize with many of these features being taken for granted. We’re going to be shedding some light on what goes into the design of a dirt track racing wheel and we have tapped into the big wheel at Aero Racing Wheels to help us out.

The process of locating and measuring the suspension points had to be repeated at the  rear of the car.

Understanding the handling characteristics of a car is kind of like putting together a puzzle. Knowing the location of the roll centers is just one more piece of the puzzle that we need in order to really understand the handling of our racecars on the track. We discuss finding your center in this article.


No matter what type of racing you do, tires play a big role in the overall handling of the car. Tires act as part of the suspension and absorb many of the irregularities that your typical dirt track has to offer. They are the only means to transfer the power from the engine to the track and are relied on to keep the car traveling in the direction it is pointed. We help you pick out the right rubber for your track.

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