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QA1 Shock Build 04

A few days ago we posted a tech story featuring QA1’s Marshall Fegers showing how to rebuild a mono-tube racing shock with just a few special tools. If you missed it, that post is here. But what we left out is how to revalve a typical shock–the reason why you would want to rebuild it […]

Steve Kinser driving his number 11 Spirnt Car

Unlike almost all other dirt track race cars, Sprint Cars depend on torsion bars to help control the suspension rather than coil springs. It’s just one of the many things that makes racing a Sprint Car unique, but making chassis adjustments with torsion bars isn’t difficult or time consuming–in fact, compared to most coil spring […]


Proper chassis setup is critical to performing successfully on the track and finding your way into victory lane. In order to get a perfectly set up race car, you’ll need a couple of simple but very useful tools. We cover the basics in this article.


Our project car needed some serious chassis setup help. The previous owner adopted a policy of “all things are created equal” and had mounted a different type shock on each corner of the car. We called a real Pro for some help.

Aero Race Wheels does everything "in-house" including making their own dies.  This allows the manufacturer to put different degree flanges on wheels for stronger racing wheels.

Truth be told, there’s more to racing wheels than most of us ever realize with many of these features being taken for granted. We’re going to be shedding some light on what goes into the design of a dirt track racing wheel and we have tapped into the big wheel at Aero Racing Wheels to help us out.

The process of locating and measuring the suspension points had to be repeated at the  rear of the car.

Understanding the handling characteristics of a car is kind of like putting together a puzzle. Knowing the location of the roll centers is just one more piece of the puzzle that we need in order to really understand the handling of our racecars on the track. We discuss finding your center in this article.


No matter what type of racing you do, tires play a big role in the overall handling of the car. Tires act as part of the suspension and absorb many of the irregularities that your typical dirt track has to offer. They are the only means to transfer the power from the engine to the track and are relied on to keep the car traveling in the direction it is pointed. We help you pick out the right rubber for your track.


Alright! Got a real treat coming….I’ve been dying to get some hardcore tech articles up concerning chassis set up and the time is coming soon. And…..let’s be honest here, Our dirt track race car needs all the help we can give it. So, what we decided to do was get together with some friends at Intercomp and Afco and give MAXX a little bit of tender loving care, starting with suspension upgrades and chassis set up.

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