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With a staff that is led by racers, COMP Cams uses on-track experience to put customers in Victory Lane.

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Nobody likes a dusty, one-laned race track. VP Racing Fuels is looking to change the track prep game with their new product, StayWet.

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VP Racing Fuels has introduced a new, improved formula for VP Cool Down™, its popular coolant performance improver for high-performance radiator systems.

Sometimes it can get confusing trying to keep up with hauler requirements. SEMA is now providing a great tool to assist.

SEMA has created a new website resource to help the motorsports community understand state and federal law governing trailers and tow vehicles. The website provides guidance on how racing enthusiasts can avoid citations for a trailer that is too long, a trailer that is not properly registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or […]

The car is a long way from complete, but the new MD3 Evolution nose from Five Star Race Car Bodies looks fantastic. Five Star's Carl Schultz told us that every curve and angle on this nose is designed to provide usable downforce for the car.

  There is no doubt that Five Star Race Car Bodies is the most trusted manufacturer of high downforce noses in Late Model racing. Their MD3 nose package is found on almost every top Late Model team in all divisions. And even though their products dominate the market, Five Star hasn’t been sitting around waiting […]

Rick Schwallie photo--Five Star's new MD3 Evolution nose, here seen on Josh Richards' Dirt Late Model, is very distinctive but every line and curve is designed to help improve downforce.

The Evolution of Downforce: Five Star continues pushing the technology of Dirt Late Model racing forward with the latest iteration of its hugely successful MD3 nose Throughout the history of Dirt Late Model racing, if there was a single identifying characteristic of these unique cars it would most likely be the slab-sided, wedge shaped bodies designed […]

Star Graphix owner Justin Starnes shows the mockup that the car owner and see and approve before printing begins on the wrap.

It is no secret that practically every racer at every level is on the constant lookout for sponsorship to help defray the costs of their chosen sport. After all, it’s money that makes the world go round, and racing is no different. We’ve done stories before on ways to attract and keep great sponsors. In […]

Not exactly the best feeling in the world when you’re on your way to enjoy yourself at the races. However, the old saying of “you get more flies with honey” might be somewhat of a salvation.

That’s exactly what licensing is about for tow rigs Words/Photos John DiBartolomeo Some of the questions: It must have been a long winter. You can tell because racers took to the internet bulletin boards seemingly more than ever. Possibly one of the most talked about issues was the ever-looming Commercial Drivers License (CDL) issue as […]

All four pads should be level for best accuracy. Once you've found the most level location on your shop floor, mark the locations for each pad with tape or paint so that you will get repeatable results every time you scale your car.

An accurate set of scales is a vital tool for any racing program that hopes to see victory Lane regularly. This is true no matter if you are racing Pure Streets, Mini Stocks, Super Late Models or Sprint Cars. Weight plays a large impact on the handling of a car, and how that weight is […]

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The history of Lincoln Electric and Arc Welding in all forms is rooted and tied directly to advancements in automotive technology. We dive deep to uncover the history past, present, and future. Check it out here!


Point at any high-end race car and most car and truck builds, and you’ll be able to find ARP fasteners on it. The team at ARP in California recently invited is in for a tour of their facility, check it out here!


While the hard-core will say that anything worth doing to a car can be accomplished in a gravel driveway with a pair of jackstands, the convenience and safety of a home vehicle lift is something that many aspire to. Owning your own garage lift is less complicated and expensive than you might think…


One area that often gets overlooked by race teams that contributes to your success at the race track, is the team’s trailer. So we took a $1,000 budget and compiled a list of trailer upgrades that we believe would benefit any race team’s program, and benefit them while at the racetrack.

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