Thanks to this on-track test with a full compliment of data-logging equipment, Davis Technologies allows us to see exactly where a self-learning traction control system can be beneficial to a dirt racer.

No matter what you may think about it, the simple truth is there are many places in dirt track racing where traction control isn’t prohibited by the rules. Traction control isn’t a magic cure-all. Racers and car builders that have used traction control systems agree that even the best setup won’t take a back-of-the-pack driver […]


It isn’t widely known that you can improve your feel for what you car is doing on the race track by tuning your power steering pump, but it is something that’s possible and many of the more savvy racers do it regularly. Optimizing feel to the racer’s steering is a bewildering task for most of […]

Chip Foose

The history of Lincoln Electric and Arc Welding in all forms is rooted and tied directly to advancements in automotive technology. We dive deep to uncover the history past, present, and future. Check it out here!


“If you don’t wheel pack, you are going to start in the back.” How many times have you heard this being broadcast over the pit speakers? Is there a rhyme and reason for a track to ask racers to pack the track for them? We discovered many of the answers to race track preparation in our research. Read more here.


Point at any high-end race car and most car and truck builds, and you’ll be able to find ARP fasteners on it. The team at ARP in California recently invited is in for a tour of their facility, check it out here!


While the hard-core will say that anything worth doing to a car can be accomplished in a gravel driveway with a pair of jackstands, the convenience and safety of a home vehicle lift is something that many aspire to. Owning your own garage lift is less complicated and expensive than you might think…


One area that often gets overlooked by race teams that contributes to your success at the race track, is the team’s trailer. So we took a $1,000 budget and compiled a list of trailer upgrades that we believe would benefit any race team’s program, and benefit them while at the racetrack.

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