Ignition, Electronics, & EFI


Watch as a Dirt Late Model gets a new set of AutoMeter Products nearly indestructible, waterproof Extreme Environment gauges installed.

MSD 6CT Ignition Control

MSD Performance is taking the ignition controller market by storm with their cutting-edge new technology.


Ever wonder what happens when you drop a live MSD ignition controller in water? Find out in this crazy video.

Jones Racing Products

CJ Jones from Jones Racing Products talks about the latest in racing part technology from his innovative company.


Taking on the task of wiring a vehicle can be daunting, but the experts at Ron Francis Wiring can help. Here, they’ve outlined ten popular tips and guidelines for managing your own wiring systems.


Holley’s new Dominator system exemplifies just how much EFI tuning has become more sophisticated yet easier to use. This full-featured system has self-tuning capability but also offers plenty of advanced options.


Many have fallen victim to fighting ignition issues because they don’t properly understand ignition systems and how they work. Instead of constantly fighting this battle or paying someone to work on your ignition, many misfires can be solved by looking back at the basics of an ignition system.


They say that knowledge is power. AEM’s Dyno-Shaft and AQ-1 data logger show us the way to putting down more power at the track, and maximizing our race day setup. We explain some of the many ways the Dyno-Shaft can be used as a horsepower measurement and a tuning tool.


Battery charging is a critical part of race day maintenance as well as vital to taking care of your race car between rounds. We take a look at the Moroso Power Charger, which offers a sturdy design, intelligent microprocessor control, and 12 or 16 volt battery charging.


Often overlooked and misunderstood, incorrectly selecting the wrong distributor gear could be the reason you have to rebuild your newly assembled engine. We dive into to the subject of how to select the proper distributor gear for your camshaft. Read more about it here.


This isn’t your grandfather’s battery charger. Slick features, easy to use and understand controls, as well as several industry firsts – make the OPTIMA Chargers Digital 1200 12-volt Battery Charger the best yet.


In the days before electronic ignition, energy to the spark plugs was controlled mechanically. As with any mechanically controlled system, wear takes its toll on precision, causing some slop within the system. What happens if you want the efficiency of electronic ignition but the retro look?

A relatively simple yet highly important component of any vehicle that has benefited from modern technology is the shift light. While digital shift lights have been around for some time, the folks at MSD Ignition have delivered with a truly remarkable piece that is universal and compatible with any vehicle.

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