ATL Fuel Cells presents this video to show the measures that they are taking to increase fire safety in not only motorsports but also countless other facets.

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Words And Photos: Jeff Smith So often in racing, it can be as much about what you do correctly as about avoiding the costly mistakes that prevent finishing the race. Experience is a great teacher for preventing some of the near limitless ways there are to lose a race. Among the positive steps toward winning […]

There are several simple modifications JET recommends to upgrade the classic Holley 4412 500 cfm two-barrel carb to make it race ready.

Jeff Smith talks with the great folks at JET Performance about the tips and tricks that allow you to maximize the performance of a two-barrel carburetor.


Xceleration Media’s Richard Holdener caught up with CJ Jones from Jones Racing Products at PRI 2015. CJ told us about exciting, new products from his company including the new, three-blade fan as well as creative engineering that allows for more horsepower.

Slip a collar over the hose and mark the hose where it meets the collar.

We’ve got to admit it: Quite often when we get excited about new products or technology making their way to racing, it’s usually aimed for the big touring classes like the Late Models or Sprint Cars. But really, there are just as many–if not more–racers in the entry level “hobby” racing classes. And their needs […]

Brown and Miller's reusable fitting is a three-piece design. Instead of biting into the hose material, an olive (center) fits between the fitting (left) and the collar to clamp down on the hose, securing it in place.

Brown & Miller makes building your own hoses easy with their innovative reusable hose fittings It is a simple fact in racing if you can make a component lighter without sacrificing durability you are almost always going to be better off. That’s definitely true for the plumbing in your race car, which helps explain why […]

Although we weren't able to speak with Dirt Late Model champion Scott Bloomquist for this story, we understand from multiple reliable sources that he's running one of Aeromotive's double-adjustable fuel pressure regulators on his race cars. (Rick Schwallie photo)

One smart racer and a little ingenuity solves a problem that’s been plaguing racers for decades Working with carburetors in racing is almost always a tricky proposition. And let’s face it, tuning for asphalt where speed is about being smooth and slowly rolling into the throttle so you don’t spin the rear wheels is much […]

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Changing an engine can be a very frustrating process, not to mention messy and time consuming. Which is one reason many vehicles within the Power Automedia garage are equipped with Jiffy-Tite fittings. Check out our list of 10 cool ways to use Jiffy-Tite Fittings with your vehicle.


Looking for a new, affordable carburetor to replace your current unit? We’ve compiled a list of what’s available in an easy-to-read format with the vital specs you’re looking for. Give it a look, here.

Every summer, teams and drivers have to battle the elements – it’s just part of racing. Over this two part series we are going to take a look at what you can do to your car, engine, and yourself to prepare for the hot temperatures.


Diagnosing an overheating engine usually starts with the radiator. But sometimes the problem goes much deeper than replacing a radiator though. We talk to two industry experts, check it out here.

Is there really anything more to racing fuel than octane numbers? We talk to a couple of experts in the field to find out what you REALLY should know about racing fuel.


Whether sealed for a series, or used in a street stock class, GMPP’s CT350 makes a great entry level engine to start flinging some dirt. We subject our brand new crate to a series of dyno tests to learn how to get the most from

There’s nothing like the look and feel from a Holley double-pumper carburetor. However, just like other mechanical parts, a carb needs periodic rebuilding to keep it metering efficiently. We show you some tips and give the step by step details on how to rebuild one for your mill.


Assembling a race car’s fuel system can be one enormous confusing headache, but it doesn’t need to be. The hoses and fittings that you use in your vehicle are important because they supply its lifeblood, carrying all of the vital fluids from one place to another, and choosing the right plumbing components seem like a daunting task. The reality is, you can pick the right components the first time around, and in this video we are going to show you some tips on how to choose the proper hoses and fittings for your application with the help from the experts at Russell Performance.


Last year we bought a Street Stock Dirt Track race car (now named Madd Maxx) to take a shot at running it in the dirt. The old bomber was a former Track Champion car at Route 66 Raceway, now known as Victorville Auto Raceway. With a rookie circle track driver and a young inexperienced crew, the car debuted at the next to last points race in 2008 and did surprisingly well.

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