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From the Cup Series to his Dirt Modified, Taylor Cook is all about knowing how to go fast


One sport just waking up to the benefits of EFI is Rock Racing. The rigors of rock racing have long created fuel delivery problems.

Longacre Racing Products

New hybrid scales that send all of the data to a wireless tablet are just one of the newest technological advances made available from Longacre Racing Products.

Here's a traditional magnetic pickup distributor. The problem with this technology is it can be difficult for the sensor to determine exactly when the end of the reluctor has passed by when the engine is running at high rpm levels.

We’ve seen it time and again: Racers who are absolutely genius with a wrench in their hands are left cussing and spitting when an electrical problem crops up on the race car.  As mechanical people, we are trained to think when part A moves, part B should react in a specific way. And when part […]

When installed correctly, a quality in-helmet mic provides clear audio, isn't obtrusive and doesn't affect the Snell rating of your expensive racing helmet.

We’ll grant you that two-way radios aren’t as popular in dirt track racing as they are among our asphalt bretheren, but these systems do have their advantages. Being able to tell your crew you cut a tire and they’d better be ready because you are coming in is a lot easier over a radio than […]

Crane Ignition

In your race engine, getting as much air and fuel lit off in the combustion chamber at the correct moment is the key to making power. The air and fuel part is the domain of your carburetor and induction system, but setting it on fire is all about the ignition. And to make big power […]

Yes, this shot is of an Asphalt Modified race car, but we think the innovation that's going on here is worth investigating. Dave Arce's fuel injected LQ9 is basically a stock truck engine with a FAST fuel injection system installed. With 11.5:1 compression and mostly stock parts, and burning pump gas it is already approximately as fast as the custom built race engines in the Lucas Oil Modified Series.

Some things it seems we’ve been told are coming but never seem to get here. Flying cars for example, or dishwashers that unload themselves. It seems we’ve also been told that electronic fuel injection will inevitably be making its way to racing, but by and large, we’re still waiting. NASCAR made waves a couple years […]


Spark Plug Wires. Important, yet un-sexy. There’s not many technical articles about spark plug wires, and for years we’ve been relegated to finding whatever information that was out there in the form of advertisements from manufacturers or on the back of the spark plug wire box. We’re going to suppress the interference and get down to the truth about plug wires: whether you’re picking a set of wires for your daily driver, pimped out ghetto cruiser or balls-out race car, you’ll want to get the right info… and you’ve found the right place.


In the olden days, making sure that your engine was running smoothly required having a trained ear, a great feel for the car behind the wheel, or alternatively, paying someone to take a look at your car. All too often, a lot of horsepower was left on the table or just blown out the exhaust.


Back in the day, it was not uncommon to see someone tuning his or her car by ear — the act of tuning or jetting your vehicle and adjusting timing until it sounds just right. Clearly this wasn’t an exact science. Fortunately, aftermarket companies sell kits designed to aid you in tuning your vehicle that use technology with a little more of an exact measuring stick by which to compare readings. Innovate is a company that does that – and it’s bringing a new measure of affordability to the table with the LM2 Basic.


I stink at wiring. No, it’s true and I can admit it. My wiring sucks. That’s part of the reason that I love the dirt track cars so much. There is very little wiring there to deal with. Especially in my Modified. That makes it perfect for me because I can’t handle more than two wires – one black and one red, and only if the terminals match those two colors! The guys at Mallory must have known that I was electronically challenged because they came up with a fool proof circle track ignition system for our race cars.

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