QA1 video

Take a few minutes to enjoy this all-access, behind the scenes tour of QA1’s 85,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Minnesota.

TCI Torque Converter

TCI® has released their brand new catalogue. Including transmissions, shifters, torque converters, electronics and related products this catalogue has it all.


Xceleration Media’s Richard Holdener caught up with CJ Jones from Jones Racing Products at PRI 2015. CJ told us about exciting, new products from his company including the new, three-blade fan as well as creative engineering that allows for more horsepower.

Photo 03

If you take a poll at practically any race track and asked racers and car owners to name the largest hurdle when it comes to operating a winning race team the number one answer will almost always be money. Yes, money is always the first thing that comes to mind. But right behind money when […]

Circlematic Transmission

In many forms of circle track racing, the ability to “grab a gear and go” is an important element of the setup. However, where track or series rules specify the use of stock or stock-replacement parts, it is often beneficial to use an automatic transmission in dirt cars. Four-cylinder Mini Stock, eight-cylinder Street Stock and […]

Davis Technologies' least expensive traction control unit has a street price of less than $1,900 and requires just three wires to be hooked up for installation.

Traction control systems are the subject that nobody really wants to talk about in racing. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, and in many dirt track racing classes they are even legal. We wanted to find out more about what exactly is going on and how they work. Shannon Davis is the owner of […]


Join us in a detailed look at Dynotech’s range of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and even carbon fiber-wrapped aluminum driveshafts with their own Steve Raymond. Check out the details here!

Street Clutch 2

The fifth and final episode in our Centerforce University series takes you to the outer limits of clutch performance with a look at what’s involved in building a race clutch that won’t act like a one-leg Stair Master…

Street Clutch 1

Welcome back to class, and the 4th episode of Centerforce University. In this installment, Professor Baty will guide you through the key elements of choosing the right clutch for your street driven ride – helping you to find the right balance of torque capacity and streetability.


An aftermarket flywheel can improve performance and safety, but picking the right part is more involved than just asking for the lightest, trickest piece of hardware available for your car. Follow along as we get schooled in the science of flywheels with Centerforce…


In this, the second installment of Centerforce University, we will go over how to properly break in a new clutch once you have it installed. We will also discuss some of the ugly consequences of failing to properly break in your clutch. So step inside, because class is back in session…

Modern differentials come in many flavors—open, limited slip, locking, and spool (which is not even a differential). The open differential is not really “geared” for performance, so it’s out as is (see drop-ins below for open carrier upgrades). That leaves three. Here’s everything to know which works for y

Torque converters are the component that made the modern automatic transmission possible, transferring power from the engine to the rest of the drivetrain without the use of a clutch. Even though we’ve all used them, few of us understand what’s actually going on inside or how they’re built.

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