Ray Cook tech video

Ray Cook says deck height tech has become a joke over the past few years. He’s looking to change that in 2018.

X-1 Race Car 111617

X-1 Race Cars has built a new Sprint Car chassis from a new material that looks to offer more strength and safety.

Joie of Seating seat

The Engine Pro Sprints on Dirt are being proactive with their safety requirements. What do you think about this initiative?

Randy LaJoie

Randy LaJoie was claiming wins and championships long before he became a leader in the manufacturing of race seats.

Firesuit measurement

Get the scoop on how to measure for the best fitting race suit.

Mittler Brothers Ultimate Tubing Notcher

In this video Mike Mittler with Mittler Brothers gives us a demo of the latest features and operations of their Ultimate Tubing Notcher.

EZ Tear

This new technology makes it easier than ever for drivers to efficiently remove tear offs during a dirt track race.

Father-and-son duo Barry (left) and Lance Wright with one of their new Icon Dirt Late Models. Wright says that Late Models have gotten so effective at producing downforce over the last few years that no matter if you are racing Supers or Crates, you have to pay attention to aero if you hope to have success on the race track.

Take a look behind the scenes at Barry Wright’s brand-new ICON Chassis and the aerodynamic tricks that will help get you to the front of the pack.

Brian Ruhlman 1 - Rankin Speed Design

Tylar Rankin with Rankin Speed Designs gives us all the details on their brand-new, detachable headrest, containment seat.


New tests are being performed on race cars periodically. These experiments ensure that safety measures are always being analyzed and improved. None of us want to think about worst-case scenarios involving crashes. However, the reality is that they can and do happen. It’s far better to be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible. This test […]

Larry Shaw Shop Tour

Larry Shaw is one of the great chassis builders in our business. Recently, our Ben Shelton sat down with Shaw to discuss his career in racing, and if you missed it we definitely recommend checking it out here. And now we are back with a follow-up we know all of you all of you who […]

FNO Street Stock 01

We know lots of great chassis builders, and every one seems to have their own way of doing things. That’s fine. In fact, that’s part of what makes racing so great–there’s no single best way to build a race car. One of our friends from a previous life (where we actually covered cars that raced […]

When installed correctly, a quality in-helmet mic provides clear audio, isn't obtrusive and doesn't affect the Snell rating of your expensive racing helmet.

We’ll grant you that two-way radios aren’t as popular in dirt track racing as they are among our asphalt bretheren, but these systems do have their advantages. Being able to tell your crew you cut a tire and they’d better be ready because you are coming in is a lot easier over a radio than […]

RaceQuip Helmet

In the last decade there has been an increased emphasis on driver safety in the big-league racing series of NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula One and the NHRA. And thankfully, much of that new awareness has also trickled down to the Saturday night dirt track racing levels. No, we aren’t seeing custom-fitted carbon fiber seats and $3,000 […]

SI049 Lead

The staff of Speed Illustrated was gracious enough to allow us to publish a scanned copy of their April 2014 article in hopes of further educating racers and avoiding tragic accidents that can easily be avoided. Click To Read: Safety Article (PDF) Interested in getting your own copy: Speedway Ilustrated is extending a special subscription offer to […]


Ever since the 2001 Daytona 500, when we witnessed the tragic death of legendary Dale Earnhardt, head and neck restraint (HNR) systems have been commonplace in racing. Many believe driver fatalities are on the decline, but is that really the case? Read here how a HNR device could save your life.


Is that new cold air intake going to help your tow vehicle get your race car to the track or will that new sway bar? In our book, our vehicles are not worth the risk. A safer and more stable haul wins out over the handful of potential horsepower. We explain why here.


Our resident street stock driver is making the jump to modifieds for the 2012 season. Before his jump to the open wheels we asked him to write one last story about the greatest mistakes he has made and seen made over the course of his 180 street stock events. Have you made these mistakes before?


No matter where or what you race, safety has to be the first concern when it comes to dirt track racing. We analyze how to make your cockpit as safe as possible for the dirt track racer.

Screen shot 2011-12-16 at 8.15.24 AM

Depending on who you ask, twin-tube shocks can be seen in very different lights. Some drivers see twin-tubes as an older technology, with better choices out there. However, many drivers and crew chiefs swear by twin-tubes as a great option for drivers. So who’s right?

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