We’ve had a load of fun and learned every step of the way with our street stock project car Madd Maxx. We recap the season and send Maxx into retirement.

Our new Innovate Air/Fuel DB Digital Gauge all lit up.

We continue to tweak our project car with Be Cool, Innovate and TCI equipment seeking that first feature win for the team. Winning does not happen by accident, and we make these purposeful changes to get the project car into the winner’s circle.

Aero Race Wheels does everything "in-house" including making their own dies.  This allows the manufacturer to put different degree flanges on wheels for stronger racing wheels.

Truth be told, there’s more to racing wheels than most of us ever realize with many of these features being taken for granted. We’re going to be shedding some light on what goes into the design of a dirt track racing wheel and we have tapped into the big wheel at Aero Racing Wheels to help us out.


It might seem odd to say that we are disappointed with a 4th place finish with our Street Stock Madd Maxx 29 – campaigned out at Victorville Raceway in Victorville, California. Read why here..

Two crashes at the same time.  Tim Foster on the outside and our crash at the bottom.

Victory Speeches, flat tires, spins and hard luck. Our team sees it all in the last two races.


If you’ve been following our Madd Maxx Street Stock car’s exploits at Victorville Speedway, you know that we struggled to keep our car together in 2009. Well, that extended to the engine unfortunately. For 2010, we re-built our engine and installed new GM Vortec heads. Read all about it here..


Our street stock project car gets a little better with every effort and the race finishes are starting to show the work that has gone into the project. Like most race teams, we learn a little more about the car and the driver’s preferences after each race.

Our project car in the staging area, getting ready for the next race.

Our project car hits the track for Race 4 and Race 5 on the season and manages two Top 5 finishes. This is our story and we’re sticking to it.


Guys sorry for the delay with getting the Madd Maxx Videos online. I had to drag my lazy butt in front of the computer, import them, export them and upload them. Sad, I know. But such is life in publishing. These videos are from Race 1 at Victorville Raceway, our Project Street Stock Madd Maxx. We won our heat race and finished #8 in the race.


Last year we bought a Street Stock Dirt Track race car (now named Madd Maxx) to take a shot at running it in the dirt. The old bomber was a former Track Champion car at Route 66 Raceway, now known as Victorville Auto Raceway. With a rookie circle track driver and a young inexperienced crew, the car debuted at the next to last points race in 2008 and did surprisingly well.


OneDirt’s project car, a street stock late ’70s Camaro, had experienced a run of bad luck: overheating problems, over-revving problems, transmission failure, and finally – a blown engine. Maxx was in serious need of some professional help. We rounded up the wagons and had a meeting to determine what our next step would be. Obviously, we had to get some of our friends involved in the planning of building a bulletproof engine that a first year driver couldn’t blow up, yet stay within the rules and budget of a grassroots race team. OneDirt and friends have come up with the ultimate in grunt for MAXX.


We are at it again. Slaving away on Project Madd Maxx that is. It is going to take some work to get this car ready for the big season ending race known locally as the Turkey Classic. Check out some of the highlights from day 2 and 3 of our progress.


Thanksgiving weekend was rapidly approaching. A four day weekend filled with nagging spouses, crying kids, visiting in-laws and other family members. In the face of all those challenges, the onedirt crew decided to do the honorable thing. We went racing! Taking a few days to prep our Street Stock race car, we bonded as only men on a mission could do. Of course we met with obstacles along the way, but we had our share of triumphs as well. This is our story, one of laughter and tears, but it’s our story and we’re sticking to it.


Alright boys and girls, it’s been a little while since MADD MAXX was out on the track and we still haven’t gotten this blog up. Well, the wounds have healed and I’m finally finding the time to sit down and write about it. I’m ready to bare my soul. Tell my story. Tell Maxx’s story. It’s true. We blew her up. Our first girl. Exploded.


The grass is always greener – or perhaps the clay is always tackier – at the other tracks. Racers are racers, and we wouldn’t be racers if we didn’t complain about the tracks. I’ve had my fair share of complaints about different tracks, and I’ve heard just about every complaint possible from other drivers about the different tracks. I decided to compile these complaints and take a deeper look into their validity. Why, you ask? I wanted to come up with a measuring stick to gauge whether or not a race track can be considered a good track.

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