Photo by Todd Boyd

Mittler Brothers makes sheet metal, body fabrication easy with their latest technology.

QMTour_OD_0001 (1200x800)

We stopped by Quarter Master to take a tour and were impressed with the staff’s hospitality and commitment to quality.

Intercomp Building Front 001 (1200x900)

OneDirt takes a spin around Intercomp as we learn more about the industry standard in wireless weighing technology.

Longhorn Lead

Longhorn Chassis was born when NASCAR Cup Champion Bobby Labonte decided he wanted to construct his own chassis for his racing operation–Longhorn Racing. But things really took off on the chassis side of things when engineer Kevin Rumley was brought on board to redesign the Longhorn’s Late Model chassis from the ground up. Since then […]

Jay Dickens Racing Engines

Jay Dickens is one of the most successful engine builders in dirt track racing. And besides his many trips to Victory Lane at tracks all across the country, one of the reasons we enjoy Dickens so much is his easygoing, approachable nature. On a recent trip to his Jay Dickens Racing Engines shop in Aberdeen, […]

Larry Shaw Shop Tour

Larry Shaw is one of the great chassis builders in our business. Recently, our Ben Shelton sat down with Shaw to discuss his career in racing, and if you missed it we definitely recommend checking it out here. And now we are back with a follow-up we know all of you all of you who […]

Billy Moyer Jr

During the season a touring race team practically lives out of their race hauler. After all, even the most well-funded dirt race teams aren’t like the NASCAR guys that fly their crews into the track for the weekend. Billy Moyer Jr. gave Ben Shelton a tour of his rig, including the living quarters. It is […]

Kyle Strickler, the High Side Tickler, said he was spending so much time modifying Modified chassis from other manufacturers that he decided he'd be better off having his own chassis built to his specific specs.

Kyle Strickler is one of the very few Dirt Modified drivers who has managed to successfully make driving a full-time career. Of course, in a class where the typical winner’s purse is right at $1,000, you’ve got to win an awful lot to make it work. Strickler is one of the few people who has […]

stuckey story18

Over the weekend, some of the folks here at OneDirt had to opportunity to take a tour through Dirt Late Model chassis builder Ronnie Stuckey’s shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. If you’re unfamiliar with Ronnie Stuckey’s cars, let me fill you in; these things are bad fast. Top racers driving Stuckey’s “Black Diamond” Chassis include Darrell […]

Only a small list of what needs done remains on the brand new 2014 Rocket Chassis late model of Jason Riggs (Chris McWilliams Photos)

Check out what it takes to a dirt late model team ready for a busy 2014 season as Riggs Motorsports opened up their doors and answered a few questions for OneDirt.

bearings2-1 copy

For the average performance consumer, CV Products is usually viewed as a great one stop place to get whatever your needs are for your vehicle. After spending an entire day with the team at CV, to simply sum them up as a distribution center would not only be a huge understatement, it simply wouldn’t be true.


Point at any high-end race car and most car and truck builds, and you’ll be able to find ARP fasteners on it. The team at ARP in California recently invited is in for a tour of their facility, check it out here!

Although its engines have scored victories in numerous motorsport disciplines, Shaver Specialty of Torrance, California, also works on nostalgia and street-performance engines. The company traces its roots to a unique vegetable slicer, but the current emphasis is on horsepower. Join us for a tour!


If you’ve been to the drag strip, chances are pretty good you’ve seen Dart parts in action. We take a first hand look at how this company keeps innovating and producing top quality products for racers and street enthusiasts, while building their products here in the USA.


From billet aluminum fuel pumps and radiators to NASCAR engines in a dragster, join us as we take an all-access tour of the Aeromotive offices and manufacturing facility in Lenexa, Kansas.


Weld Racing recently invited us inside their production facility in Kansas City, Missouri – just a stones throw from where the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals play ball – to see how one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the racing industry constructs the wheels used by racers all across the globe.


The team at Jet-Hot recently opened the doors to their corporate offices and primary coating facility in Burlington, N.C. to powerTV, allowing us to take an all-access tour of the coating facility and its intricate processes, allowing us to share with you what goes on behind closed doors.


Recently, the good folks at AFCO Racing Products and Dynatech invited us to tour their manufacturing facilities to get a behind-the-scenes look at – and share with our readers – something that most will never get to see.


If you want to relive dirt track racing’s roots or a simpler time in America, there is only one place to go… Justice Brothers Racing Museum. Don’t be thrown off by the name, there’s more to this collection than race cars. Check out our 200+ photo gallery to see what we saw on our tour of the gallery.


In the late ‘70s there was a growing demand for increased braking in stock car racing; an engineer named William Wood saw opportunity to create a high performance brake package for this expanding niche market. Today, Wilwood supplies brake hardware to every corner of the globe for anything that rolls.

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