Weld Racing’s years of wheel technology is returning to the truck, dually and trailer market in a big way. With 10 different wheel designs, Weld’s truck, dually and trailer line of forged wheels hit the market in either black anodized or polished finish. Read more about Weld Racing’s heavy duty wheels here:


ZMAX micro-lubricant technology is repackage into a single bottle to treat engine oil system, transmission fluid systems, power steering systems, differentials and fuel systems. You want to find out how it works, read more here:

Ohio Tech-3

It’s probably every gearhead’s dream to go to a tech school to learn every mechanical aspect to building the cars that they love. There a quite a few out there, but the one that instantly comes to our mind the is the Ohio Technical College (OTC).


If you’re like most, getting your hands on the latest and greatest products this industry has to offer is what this hobby is all about. Royal Purple has just launched an all-new fuel treatment system for your daily driver or project vehicle. We caught up with Royal to get the inside scoop. Read to find out more!


Next to your vehicles, what is one of the first things that you see when you go into your garage? For many of us, it’s car parts, tool boxes, and piles of random junk. For everyone else, there’s Moduline Cabinets. They manufacture the best garage cabinets on the market, and they can tailor them any way you want.


The old world care and quality of manufacturing is what is new at Hedman Performance Group this year. New tooling and tubing benders ensure that overall quality is at a premium and manufacturing tolerances are tighter than they have ever been.


Fragola Performance Systems unveils PTFE hose end fittings for high performance and racing applications.


Penske Racing Shocks brings new technology to short track racing with their thru-rod designed shocks for Sprint Cars, Modifieds, and Late Models. Check out the latest in shock technology here.


When even a thousand-dollar radiator and fan setup won’t keep an engine cool, cars owners should consider removing heat from the engine oil. Derale says certain applications like street rods and small race cars need help in evacuating heat from the engine bay, and cooling the oil is prudent choice.


We got a little bit of a look at what’s new at Meziere this year at SEMA, and while making water pumps is still (and will continue to be) the core business at Meziere, there’s a lot of other interesting stuff going on.

Milestone poster

Edelbrock celebrates their 75th anniversary with special limited edition parts and a one-of-a-kind Ford Mustang give-away to one lucky fan at next year’s SEMA show. More on Edelbrock’s diamond jubilee anniversary here:


Designed and built by racers who wanted the best, ReplayXD shows us some new gadgets for their tiny cameras. With several mounting systems and options for remote microphones and power, this video camera has what every racer needs.


Can switching to lithium ion batteries make a difference in your racing program? Lithium Pros knows that it can and presents a great case on making the switch. Read more about it here.


Pertronix, home of Doug’s Headers, Patriot Exhaust Products, and JBA Performance Exhaust, continues to add to their extensive catalog of applications, both for the track and the street. At this year’s SEMA show, we got a look at what’s new for 2013.


After an absence of several years from the SEMA show, Simpson is back, and they’ve been busy. The well-known safety equipment company had a lot to show off this year, including the Hybrid head and neck restraint system.


OPTIMA’s Digital 400 compact battery charger is unveiled at the 2012 SEMA tradeshow. Aimed for the powersports and motorcycle market, this charger promises to charge batteries that many other chargers cannot.


Today’s performance enthusiast knows that stopping power commensurate with horsepower is a must, and with thousand-horse street cars no longer a rarity, equally stout brakes are taking the spotlight too. This year at SEMA, we got to see some amazing brake hardware from Wilwood…


For the ultimate Dynojet, you can upgrade all the way to the 424xLC2 with Linx, as shown here. It features dual eddy current load absorbers, adjustable wheelbase all-wheel-drive capability, and the Linx system that mechanically synchronizes the drums.


Powermaster is constantly finding new ways to package these essential components so that a wider range of racers and street performance enthusiasts can take advantage of their products. We found out this year at SEMA that they are in the process of completely revamping both their printed catalog and website, too.


Anyone who’s ever had a set of headers rust out on them and vowed, “never again” has probably heard of Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings – their work has become the benchmark for high temperature protection and thermal management in the automotive aftermarket. Now, new color choices make them stand out even more..

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