Quick Fuel Two Barrel Carburetor

Lots of dirt racing classes still require two barrel carburetors as a way to keep speeds in check. Most of the time the rule book requires the venerable Holley 4412 carburetor, but if the rules just require a 500 cfm two barrel Quick Fuel has a great option for you. Check out how the company […]

Lincoln Electric Welders

It seems like there is never enough room for everything you want in your shop–and especially your race trailer. That’s why we love this new machine from Lincoln Electric that combines MIG and TIG capabilities into one small package. It can also work on both 110 and 230 volts, adding to your flexibility. Check out […]

Mechanix Wear Glove

If you use a lot of power tools in the race shop, the vibrations produced by the tools can become quite annoying over time. But big bulky gloves with lots of padding can make it difficult to pick up and handle nuts, bolts and other small parts. That’s why we were excited when we saw […]

How an ATI racing harmonic damper works

Here’s a video we shot at the SEMA show featuring JC Beattie Jr of ATI Performance Products taking a look at their new products for 2015. ATI is easily the most trusted harmonic damper manufacturer for racing engines. In the big league classes it is practically the only damper you will find on any engine. We’re […]

Intercomp Weighing Scales

We recently had the opportunity to test out a set of Intercomp’s wireless scales on a dirt car in a real racing shop and couldn’t believe how much getting rid of four wires actually added to the experience. By cutting the wires, the lightweight, battery powered readout became super portable so you could carry it […]

Conical Springs

Last year Comp Cams unveiled their innovative conical valve spring design that is essentially an update on their very successful beehive springs. And this year they’ve taken things a step further with an industry first. The Dual Conical Spring promises to be a great option for high performance engines. The design cuts valvetrain weight and […]

Total Seal AP Piston Ring

At SEMA Total Seal revealed their new AP line of high performance piston rings. At just 0.9 millimeters thick, these rings have all the latest technology that just a couple years ago was cutting edge NASCAR Sprint Cup tech that the teams tried to keep top secret. But now Total Seal has managed to find […]

Crane HEI Distributor

Crane Cams keeps upping its game when it comes to ultra high quality ignition systems for high performance and racing. The company’s latest innovation may seem like old tech, but it has a really cool new twist. Yes, HEI ignitions have been around for decades, but they are still required in many Pure Stock and […]


Recent advances in synthetic base-stock oils have led to thinner race and street oils that still provide exceptional bearing-oil thickness. Joe Gibbs Driven offers a number of formulas, including those specific to the LS engine and different types of racing.


Redesigned roller shafts, a high-flow fan for the eddy brake and an undercarriage convenience LED light are the latest upgrades to the Dynocom 5000 Series chassis dyno. The Texas-based company also announced at SEMA the introduction an entry-level Dyno X model with a starting price of $10,995.


The new SuperFlow SF-1600 is designed to help engine builders accurately test valve-spring pressure to help ensure consistency across all cylinders. Unlike hand-operated or gear-style testers, the SF-1600 operates with a pneumatic cylinder for repeatable tests.


When news spread that Tom Medley’s famed 1940 Coupe had been involved in a garage fire, some of the industries top brands joined forces to help rebuild an iconic hot rod and bring it back to life – even better than the original. Kicker comes to the rescue with upgraded tunes, check it out!


At this year’s SEMA show, there was no shortage of anything automotive being unveiled at the show, and that includes tools and shop supplies. BrakeQuip was on hand to show off their latest offerings of tools for the shadetree mechanic. This included their patented tube and pipe benders.


JE Pistons is now offering its asymmetrical pistons for LS engines, and JE is also introducing a new line of multi-layer stainless-steel gaskets produced under strict manufacturing processes. JE will announce hundreds of new piston applications over the next in different categories.


SCAT showed off new applications of its performance crankshaft line, including three models designed for the late-model Hemi. But the show-stopper in the SCAT booth was the Ultra Lite Stroker H-Beam rod with a Formula 1 style hole near the big end to help lighten the weight without compromising strength.


The Brad Penn line of Penn Grade 1 High Performance oils has two new viscosity blends: 5W-30 for classic engines and crate motors and SAE 60 for racing applications.


Crane Cams explains why their hydraulic roller lifters are only manufactured at one level and we get a sneak peek at Crane’s newest valvetrain component, set to be unveiled at the PRI tradeshow next month.


Mechanix Wear’s popular M-Pact style gloves get a new design for 2013. See the newest look and design in hand protection right here!


Howards cams is more than just camshafts for popular small- and big-block Chevys and Fords. We had a chance to visit the Howards Racing Cams booth at this years SEMA 2012 show. We got the scoop on their new products and found out what make them so unique. Learn more right here.


New from Taylor Cable Products are shatterproof racing windshields, coil-on-plugs for Fords and Hemis and a new vibration-resistant header bolt. The TOP Glass products are half a light as regular glass while the ThunderVolt plugs will expand to LS engines soon. Finally, the Vibe-Lock bolts come in three sizes.

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