Quarter Master Clutches

Quarter Master is one consistently one of the winningest manufacturers of clutches, bellhousings and other driveline components in racing every year. Of course, one of the keys is making sure you have the right components matched to the class and type of car you are racing. Check out this video where Quarter Master’s Jeff Neal […]

Lunati Cams and Bushed LIfters

At the PRI trade show our Richard Holdener had an opportunity to speak with David Chamberlain of Lunati about the company’s custom cams for racing as well as Lunati’s new line of bushed solid roller lifters for racing. As racers demand ever more power, engine builders are obliging by pushing valvetrains to open faster, stay open […]

Driven Racing Oil

Many racers who labor over choosing exactly the right motor oil to use in their race engine are content to grab any “break in” oil available for their valuable engine’s first firing. Lake Speed Jr. of Driven Racing Oil explains that choosing the right break in oil is just as vital as finding the right motor […]

Crane Distributor

Crane Cams’ ignition division doesn’t attempt to provide something for everyone. Instead, they find places where they believe they can provide a higher performance piece than the stuff already on the market and design it to their specifications. That’s why Crane’s ignition products are all super high quality and widely trusted by many of the […]

Jones Racing Crate Engine Pulley Kit

The biggest hurdle when it comes to racing in any of the crate engine classes is making your entire setup work as efficiently as possible. After all, it only makes sense that if every car is running a limited horsepower engine, then the team that is able to make their engine work more efficiently than the […]


The Performance Racing Industry trade show wrapped up and we’ve got a ton of great information for you from the three-day event. Our video crew shot tons of great videos with the top manufacturers in the racing industry, but even their tireless efforts weren’t enough to capture all the good stuff we found. So we’ve […]

Comp Sportsman Lifters

Comp Cams has expanded it’s line of Sportsman solid roller lifters with new offseat options so that they will work with a wider range of cylinder head designs. The Sportsman line of lifters are a popular choice for dirt racers because they offer many of the same options as Comp’s top-of-the-line Elite lifters at a […]

Scott Bloomquist's Dirt Late Model in Five Star's booth was a big draw. Notice the skirts around the tires to keep anyone from looking at the chassis. We have no idea if there was anything worth hiding under there, but it definitely got people talking.

The Performance Racing Industry trade show has just wrapped up, and we’re putting together a ton a great stories featuring the best new products from the show. In the meantime, we’ve got a great gallery of dirt race cars on display from the three-day event. Some are the rides of the stars, and at least […]

Here's a setup so that the engine builder can measure connecting rod bolt stretch in real time instead of the usual method of torquing the bolt and then measuring stretch (which can be too late).

ARP’s Chris Brown was the final presenter of the 2015 edition of the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference, and the information was definitely worth the wait. You may think there isn’t much to know about threading in a bolt, but the fact of the matter is most engine failures we’ve seen haven’t been from defective parts […]

Rodney Sanders

The Performance Racing Industry trade show doesn’t kick off until Thursday, but the manufacturers and exhibitors are already hard at work setting up. We’re also beginning to see some race cars come rolling in as displays and snapped a few shots while getting an early look at who is setting up where. We’ll have plenty […]


It’s a foregone conclusion that electronic fuel injection is making its way into dirt track racing. At OneDirt, we’ve brought you stories of engine builders that aren’t willing to accept the status quo and are developing affordable engine packages with efi. So if you know it’s coming, doesn’t it make sense to learn all you […]

MPMC Education Day

Are you coming to the PRI Show? If you are, then like most people you are probably coming in the day before. If so, you might want to take advantage of the MPMC Education Day which takes place the afternoon before the show starts. Come to the MPMC Education Day manufacturer seminars on Wednesday afternoon, December 10, from 2:00 […]

Afco's newest Pillar Vane Rotor is a hybrid design that will give Street Stock racers the strength of a Ford hub with the light weight of a GM metric rotor.

Just because the rule book requires “stock type” or “stock replacement” components on your race car, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with underwhelming stock performance and parts that break too often. Afco’s new Pillar Vane Hybrid rotors combine several advancements to create a very racy brake rotor that, because it will still […]

BLP Billet Lil Bo 01

Last year BLP introduced the Lil Bo carburetor, which was unique because it took a standard 4150-style four barrel carburetor and with some clever machining made a two-barrel that flows significantly more than the usual 650 cfm. Now BLP is back with a Billet Lil Bo which ditches the cast venturiis for one cut from […]

AR Bodies Spoiler 02

While checking out all the new wares at the PRI show, our friends at AR Bodies showed us a new rear spoiler for Dirt Late Model racers that ins’t even available yet. This is the company’s new rear spoiler design that should make life a lot easier for Dirt Late Model racers that travel to […]


King Engine Bearings has introduced what looks to be several breakthroughs in its new King Racing line of high performance bearings designed to better withstand the harsh demands of–you guessed it–racing. The new bearings feature a three-layer structure with an outer layer that is the hardest in the industry. This may sound conterproductive because we […]

Here's how a complete RY45 Series engine will look. It is a clean-sheet design that shares practically no parts with a Ford Windsor.

Roush Yates Engines (RYE) is easily most famous as the engine builder for every Ford racing engine in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series. But for the last few years RYE also built engines for a wide range of dirt racing classes–everything from Late Model, to 410 and 360 Sprints, to Modifieds and even off-road trucks–and enjoyed […]

Jones Round Tooth Front Drive 01

Crate racing is all about making the most of what you’ve got, so reducing parasitic drag in the horsepower-limited engines is one of the best ways to get an advantage on the competition. That’s why Jones Racing Products‘ new front drive system utilizing low-drag radius tooth belts can be a weapon for crate racers. The […]

Keith Jones AETC 01

One Dirt is covering the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference and bringing you the best information from the conference. One of the featured speakers is Keith Jones of Total Seal Piston rings. As you can probably guess, Jones’ topic was high performance piston rings, he dropped a lot of knowlege that can be useful to both […]

The engine isn’t concerned with separate components–only performance as a whole. For example, it is pointless to have a high-flowing exhaust port if your headers are aweful. When testing you must consider effectiveness of the entire system.

Power and Performance News is at the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC), which annually is a gathering of the top engine builders in the racing industry just before the PRI racing tradeshow. Every year the AETC presents a series of top-flight speakers on a variety of topics–but all having to do with making horsepower. In […]

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