Right rear tire prep

Learn techniques and tips on prepping a right-rear tire for a hard compound rule.

C&R Racing's Chris Paulson presents at the AETC conference.

C&R Racing is one of the most trusted manufacturers of radiators and cooling systems in racing. In fact, C&R owns nearly 100 percent of the radiator market in NASCAR. More important to us, they are also very big in dirt track racing, especially with Sprint Cars. C&R major domo Chris Paulson recently led a discussion […]

Chip Foose

The history of Lincoln Electric and Arc Welding in all forms is rooted and tied directly to advancements in automotive technology. We dive deep to uncover the history past, present, and future. Check it out here!


With one of the industry’s largest camshaft database, which exceeds 80,000 cam profiles, an impressive manufacturing capability, and an experienced tech staff, Crane Cams has volunteered to bring their expertise to help answer questions. Stay tuned, as we team up with industry experts to answer your questions!

We take a look at what beginners should know about TIG welding. The pros at Lincoln Electric give us an inside look at the proper equipment, safety, and tips and tricks to get any first-timer ready to go.

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