Sean Haggai

Chevy Hardcore Contributor

The former Associate Editor of Chevy High Performance, joins publication Chevy Hardcore, Sean is a true blue Bow Tie guy and a core do-it-yourself technician. If it doesn’t run a “mouse motor” or a big rat between fenders, Sean ain’t interested.

Flowmaster Mufflers have a ton of new products for your early or late-model vehicles. In an effort to showcase some of their newest gear, we’ve compiled a couple videos to help explain their new series of mufflers and even a video highlighting some of Flowmaster’s cutting-edge design technology. Check it out!

Chevrolet Performance has produced the perfect blend of power and affordability for Super Late-Model Class Circle Track racers. The CT525 is a 525 horsepower version of the LS3-based 376ci all-aluminum small-block found in the C6 Corvette and fifth-gen Camaro. Find out what makes this crate engine so unique, here.

Believe it or not, Circle Track racing is quite popular, so much in fact that Chevrolet Performance has created an engine specifically based on the needs of racers. Check out the CT350 crate engine, available through, right here.

Jim Campbell is no stranger to the performance world. As the U.S. Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports, he could, quite possibly have the coolest job at GM. did the dirty work and interviewed Campbell about the 2013 Chevrolet race season. Check out his thoughts, right here!

Looking for a new, affordable carburetor to replace your current unit? We’ve compiled a list of what’s available in an easy-to-read format with the vital specs you’re looking for. Give it a look, here.

Howards cams is more than just camshafts for popular small- and big-block Chevys and Fords. We had a chance to visit the Howards Racing Cams booth at this years SEMA 2012 show. We got the scoop on their new products and found out what make them so unique. Learn more right here.

If you’re like most, getting your hands on the latest and greatest products this industry has to offer is what this hobby is all about. Royal Purple has just launched an all-new fuel treatment system for your daily driver or project vehicle. We caught up with Royal to get the inside scoop. Read to find out more!

When it comes to slowing down your full-tilt drag car on the top end or scrubbing speed off of your late model dirt track car, The Brake Man is certainly the man for the job. Since’93, The Brake Man’s focus has been on introducing groundbreaking and revolutionary industry firsts. Find out whats new this year!

This time around, Edelbrock is making your under hood goodies pop with some aftermarket goodies. Yeah, Edelbrock is bringing the goods to you once again any time you purchase any new Edelbrock Carburetor (Performer EPS or Thunder Series AVS). It begins today, so if you’re reading this now, you’re right on time!

Fuelab’s been producing some of the most innovative digital fuel delivery systems on the market today for your favorite muscle or rod, and we’re happy to announce that they’ve taken home the runner-up award for Best Engineered Product at this years SEMA 2011 Show.

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