Sean Goude

We continue to tweak our project car with Be Cool, Innovate and TCI equipment seeking that first feature win for the team. Winning does not happen by accident, and we make these purposeful changes to get the project car into the winner’s circle.

Our Shop Dawg talks about his relationship with parts stores and the people that work there. If you’ve ever gotten the “what year, make and model” routine, or the wrong part from a parts store, you’re going to sympathize with our head mechanic.

So I have been working with powerTV for a little more then six months now, and I have been spending a lot of time at the race track. Not just one race track mind you, and not just one style of racing. I have gone up to Fontana to do some testing on our drag cars, as well as going up to Victorville to do some circle track racing in the dirt. Now I have come to realize that these are two different beasts altogether. So I am going to take some time and walk you through my experiences, my trials and tribulations.

I turn wrenches. That’s my sole purpose in life. I have found my calling, and you can call it what you want; grease monkey, gearhead, shop dawg, or for you fancy guys, ‘automotive technician,’ because apparently with our politically correct society I can’t just be a mechanic anymore.

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