Rich Allen

After a look at some of the information presented in this piece, the concern going forward is there may not be as many fans to care about dirt racing in the future.

Running two cars in two different divisions on one night can be challenging to say the least. Riley Hickman’s crew chief, Brad Carvin explains the pros and cons.

The average life span for a person living in the United States has been steadily rising for quite some time. A person born in this country today can expect to make it to 80 years of age while the lifespan of someone born in 1965 was just under 70 years of age. With improved healthcare […]

Anyone, who followed along with the recent PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis, could not help but notice a recurring theme noted in many of the interviews conducted from the floor of the Indiana Convention Center. The cost of racing was mentioned over and over again by national touring series drivers and regional racers alike. One […]

Whenever a big dirt racing event is approaching, message boards and social media are bound to be filled with questions from fans wondering what drivers will be competing at the hosting track. Prospective attendees want to know if their favorites will be on hand or if some of the biggest names in the sport might […]

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