Mike Magda

Mike Magda is a veteran automotive writer with credits in publications such as Racecar Engineering, Hot Rod, Engine Technology International, Motor Trend, Automobile, Automotive Testing Technology and Professional Motorsport World. He was the editor of four national automotive magazines, including Chevy High Performance, and he has authored hundreds of automotive technical briefings. In covering nearly every type of motorsport, Magda has collaborated with many of racing’s top engine builders and factory engineers.

Ed Pink Racing Engines held an open house that showcased a number of memorable engines, including Novi, Cosworth and Porsche. There’s even some midget and Super Crown hardware. Check out the story for more!

Ferrea has a new website that offers improved navigation, search functions and plenty of tech tips and news. Check it out the details here, or go straight to

The list of speakers and topics for the 24th annual Advanced Engineering Technology Conference is now set. Check out the story for details on attending this unique gathering in December just before the PRI show.

Waiting on parts is one of the most frustrating time delays for engine builders. Now, JE Pistons has a guarantee of three weeks delivery — with some restrictions — on shipping custom orders. Check out the details.

Have questions about titanium valves or the latest in valve coatings? Check out our talk with Zeke Urrutia of Ferrea Racing Components to get the answers in the latest TECH5 column.

A list of speakers and some of their topics has been announced for this year’s Advanced Engineering Technology Conference. Check out the details and make plans to attend in December as the conference precedes the PRI Show in Indianapolis.

Keeping up with the fast-changing developments in piston design can be challenging for the engine builder. Trey McFarland of Mahle Motorsports answers questions about topics like piston speed, coatings and materials.

Dampers don’t make horsepower but they can sure free up some trapped ponies when torsional vibrations from the crankshaft are not under control. Fluidampr’s Aaron Neyman explains in this week’s TECH5 column.

Selecting piston rings based on tension properties can get a little tricky. Low tension improves horsepower but higher tensions keep the engine healthier. Experts at the School for Automotive Machinists (SAM) and Total Seal offers tips and suggestions for selecting the right ring package.

There’s not a lot about motor oil that’s easy to understand when applied to high-performance and racing engines. But Lake Speed Jr. walks viewers through many of the critical issues in a series of videos on the Driven Oil YouTube channel.

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