Lauren Hargrove


Lauren is a freelance writer with experience working for several enthusiast publications. She has a strange fondness for black primer, and proudly refuses to paint her ’65 Mustang Fastback or the ’61 Lincoln Continental. Drag racing has always been a hobby of Lauren’s – actually more like an addiction.

In the late ‘70s there was a growing demand for increased braking in stock car racing; an engineer named William Wood saw opportunity to create a high performance brake package for this expanding niche market. Today, Wilwood supplies brake hardware to every corner of the globe for anything that rolls.

Wilwood now offers the GM Metric D154 pad racing calipers for direct mounting on 1978 and later GM metric spindles or with certain fabricated brackets. These calipers are available in both iron and aluminum with a variety of pad choices available as well.

Speedway Motors is pleased to offer the Two-Piece Late Model Bumper. This bumper saves the customer the truck freight charge and still features the strength and durability required by late model race chassis.

Proform Parts is pleased to announce the release of their new wireless scale. This wireless scale will allow the user to dial-in weight distribution, establish an overall weight and assist with achieving 50/50 distribution.

K&N Engineering is proud to offer a new intake kit for the 2009-2010 Ford F-150 equipped with the 4.6 3-valve engines. This newly designed intake kit provides a 15 horsepower and 17 ft lb of torque gain while protecting the engine from debris.

Lunati released their new Signature Series I-Beam Connecting Rods designed to withstand the rigors of drag racing, circle track, off-road racing and more. Thanks to being machined to exacting tolerances, sonic tested, and heat-treated, these connecting rods are able meet the demands of almost any application.

Using the rear axle from a heavy-duty truck, a pile of rocks and dirt, and a metal ramp system, these creative geniuses have built their own dyno and seem to use it on a regular basis to test and tune their drift cars. Don’t try this at home, kids!

AIRAID Filter Company is pleased to announce their new Cold Air Dam Intake System for the Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel Engine. This kit produced an additional 27 horsepower and 55 ft lb of torque to the rear wheels at 1,900 RPM during testing. Perfect for adding a little more oomph to your tow vehicle.

AMSOIL is pleased to release their new Z-ROD synthetic motor oil designed for use in classic cars and high-performance applications. This oil is available in two weights, 10W-30 or 20W-50 depending on requirements of the specific application. Both include high levels of Zinc to make flat-tappet camshafts happy.

Speedway Motors now offers a new aluminum master cylinder based on the very popular GM design, making it a great choice for racecars, street cars and classic vehicles. This master cylinder can be used with both Manual or Power brakes thanks to the 1″ bore size.

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