Jefferson Bryant

It is almost terrifying the breadth of Jefferson’s technical abilities. A fabricator, master technician, engine builder, paint and body guy, dirt track racer, road course driver, or a glossy magazine reporter, Jefferson can do it all. Oh yeah, he’s also a YouTube hero.

Headers can help you make more power, but they can also bring it down. We aren’t experts in the exhaustive arts, so we called in some favors from some of the leaders in the header world. These guys are experts, and they schooled us in the science of headers.

Modern differentials come in many flavors—open, limited slip, locking, and spool (which is not even a differential). The open differential is not really “geared” for performance, so it’s out as is (see drop-ins below for open carrier upgrades). That leaves three. Here’s everything to know which works for y

Looking for some more power to pull your trailer or just to cruise on the street? Check out our install on Airaid’s latest F-250 air intake system, followed up by a complete dyno test!

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