Jeff Huneycutt

Technical Contributor

Leading the OneDirt editorial team is accomplished writer, Jeff Huneycutt. The former editor of Circle Track Magazine and NASCAR Illustrated, Jeff has specialized in racing and engine tech for the last 14 years. Huneycutt’s accomplishments include authoring two ‘how-to’ books on racing, one of which received the International Society for Vehicle Preservation Gold Medal. In addition to Circle Track Magazine, Huneycutt has also had racing and engine tech articles published in over two dozen magazines.

Take a look behind the scenes at Barry Wright’s brand-new ICON Chassis and the aerodynamic tricks that will help get you to the front of the pack.

Jeff Huneycutt takes an in-depth look at the latest technology from Jones Racing Products, which optimizes drive line efficiency and produces more power.

Over the years lots of dirt racers and car builders have discovered they can find some pretty good deals buying used NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series parts from Roush Yates Performance Parts, so we thought this would be pretty interesting to you. SRI Performance and Roush Yates Performance Products have announced that SRI has purchased the […]

Modified racer Cory Crapser knows what he’s doing behind the wheel. As proof, just consider his three Wissota national championships. Crapser is pretty unique among racers because he actively competes in two different classes at once. After years racing Modifieds in the B Mod class, Crapser moved up to the A Mods–but never stopped competing […]

It is safe to say that longtime racer and current USMTS champ Jason Hughes knows a thing or two about racing–and definitely winning. Not only does Hughes win as a driver and car owner, but he also builds complete race cars for anyone with his company, Hughes Racing Chassis. (If you want a race-ready Modified […]

We spent the Performance Racing Industry trade show cruising the floor and talking to manufacturers–all the while on the lookout for new or updated components that look like they can have an impact in the upcoming racing season. We’ve already shown you a cool anti-reversion spacer/restrictor plate from Willy’s Carburetor Shop as well as all […]

Afco is already a strong player when it comes to racing shocks. But now it is positioning itself to be a big player in the game with its new AT Series shocks built specifically for dirt track racing. The AT Series stands for Afco Technologies, and the shock they had on display in their massive […]

One Dirt is at the Performance Racing Industry trade show this week. We’re trawling the floor looking for the coolest dirt racing stuff we can find. We’ll share lots more next week (when we finally catch up on our sleep!) but for now we wanted to show you these really trick restrictor plates from Willy’s […]

C&R Racing is one of the most trusted manufacturers of radiators and cooling systems in racing. In fact, C&R owns nearly 100 percent of the radiator market in NASCAR. More important to us, they are also very big in dirt track racing, especially with Sprint Cars. C&R major domo Chris Paulson recently led a discussion […]

Changing tires is practically a weekly chore for most racers. It may not be your favorite task, but it is still a part of life–so you might as well do it right. It may seem simple, and there may not be a single best way to install a new tire on a beadlock race wheel, […]

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