James Lawrence

Master of Disaster

James started working on a Nostalgia Top Fuel drag racing team in 1992, and the rest has been history. A life-long automotive enthusiast, James is in fierce competition to see whether he can collect more cars or cats. Right now, the cars are winning. James co-founded the NMRA and NMCA Drag Racing Series in 1998 and continues to be an avid and passionate fan on everything 1320. He also thinks he can drive. Thinks, is the key word.

It might seem odd to say that we are disappointed with a 4th place finish with our Street Stock Madd Maxx 29 – campaigned out at Victorville Raceway in Victorville, California. Read why here..

We’ve already covered some of our Madd Maxx exploits in our Race Coverage from Victorville last weekend, but we know you can’t get enough – so here’s more. As you know, Madd Maxx is our Street Stock entrant that we compete in at Mike Gibson’s track in Victorville, CA. We use the term ‘compete’ loosely. We race, we break, we load up, we go home. We had high hopes for race 3, and the crew of Sean Goude and Tom Bobolts was on point. We had setup our suspension with the new Proform scales and we were ready to rock. The driver – who knows what is going on in his head?

Guys sorry for the delay with getting the Madd Maxx Videos online. I had to drag my lazy butt in front of the computer, import them, export them and upload them. Sad, I know. But such is life in publishing. These videos are from Race 1 at Victorville Raceway, our Project Street Stock Madd Maxx. We won our heat race and finished #8 in the race.

If you’ve been involved in hot rodding for any length of time, you’ll know these infamous letters: MSD. They stand for Multiple Spark Discharge, a patented design by MSD Ignition that fires your spark plug multiple times rather than the single time that the factory ignition does. We already took you on a complete tour of M-S-D ignition last year, showing you how they design, engineer, and manufacturer the most cutting edge ignition systems in the world.

Rocker arms are the nervous system of push rod engines: They transmit the camshaft impulses received to the valves, opening them at precisely the right moment hundreds of times every minute. These important engine parts represent some of the best horsepower-per-dollar gains possible, and they are also easy to swap out. However, that doesn’t mean they are to be taken lightly. In this article, we compare shaft mounts to stud mount rockers and we even talk to the experts at COMP Cams, Harland Sharp, and Scorpion so you can help make an educated decision on what’s best for your engine.

The grass is always greener – or perhaps the clay is always tackier – at the other tracks. Racers are racers, and we wouldn’t be racers if we didn’t complain about the tracks. I’ve had my fair share of complaints about different tracks, and I’ve heard just about every complaint possible from other drivers about the different tracks. I decided to compile these complaints and take a deeper look into their validity. Why, you ask? I wanted to come up with a measuring stick to gauge whether or not a race track can be considered a good track.

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