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Torque converters are the component that made the modern automatic transmission possible, transferring power from the engine to the rest of the drivetrain without the use of a clutch. Even though we’ve all used them, few of us understand what’s actually going on inside or how they’re built.

Prior to 2007, River Valley Speedway was known as a paradise surrounded by the green, rolling hills of Alabama as well as a serene river just past the back stretch. The blonde-clay speedway was the place to be Saturday night. It would allow families to get out of the city and away from the farms and into an oasis known as the “Valley of Speed.” River Valley was closed as of 2007, but thanks to the ambition of local autocross promotor and construction company owner, Rickey Borden, as well as two other partners, the Valley will once again feel the ground-pounding thunder of horsepower.

When it comes to dirt, sprint cars are not only one of the most popular powerhouses on the track, but they are also one of the fastest. But when a sprint owner has an idea and way too much time on his hands, the dirt car will quickly become a beast of a different nature.

The Southern Nationals Series was set to take the track last Saturday night at Swainsboro Raceway in Georgia, but mother nature proved to be victorious over the field when the skies opened up and the rain came pouring down.

Tom Malcolm won his first ever dirt late model race in dominating fashion last Saturday by timing in third fastest, winning his heat, placing second in the dash, and leading all but the first three laps of the main event at Bakersfield Speedway.

The United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) has taken the mid-West Modified scene by storm in the past 5 years. What was once a struggling series on the verge of going belly up has now become a highly cherished touring series which will soon be featured on national television. Recently, we talked with the USMTS marketing director, Jeff Nun about the success of the USMTS, where the series is heading, and which series champion goes commando under his fire suit. Jeff gave us the inside dirt on what the USMTS is all about.

The 2010 edition of the COMP Cams MSRA Super Late Model tour is rapidly approaching the halfway point in the season. The points battle remains white-hot with the top five just 84 points apart.

World of Outlaw Late Model star, Tim Fuller currently sits fifth in points, only 182 points out of first. Although Fuller has the opportunity to advance his ranking position this weekend, his participation this weekend at Deer Creek Speedway is uncertain. Last Sunday afternoon, Fuller began experiencing abdominal pain which would soon land him under the knife at a hospital on the outskirts of Livingston, Tennessee.

There’s no doubt that every racer has thought about taking their dirt car onto the open road. Granted, a few of us have taken a trip around the block for a shakedown or even driven down the street to the race track that is all but in your back yard. Whether you have done it or not, it’s certainly illegal in any part of the country. However, one of our fellow racers came up with a solution to prevent being busted by the fuzz. We found this oddity on and it got us thinking. –Why haven’t we thought of this?!

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