Don Creason

StangTV Editor

Don Creason is an automotive journalist with passions that lie from everything classic, all the way to modern muscle. Experienced tech writer, and all around car aficionado, Don’s love for both cars and writing makes him the perfect addition to the Power Automedia team.

Optima is offering extended warranties on their batteries when you purchase a charger at the same time. This warranty extension could be for as long as four years on some batteries!

More insight into the technology of Flowmaster with this cool video on how their Laminar Flow technology works.

We take a look at the advantages of running a wet sump oil system and the advancements in wet sump technology with the experts at Peterson Fluid Systems and Moroso Performance Products.

Not all starters are created equal. Knowing how much torque is needed to crank a high compression engine is one of the keys to selecting a high output starter.

They say that knowledge is power. AEM’s Dyno-Shaft and AQ-1 data logger show us the way to putting down more power at the track, and maximizing our race day setup. We explain some of the many ways the Dyno-Shaft can be used as a horsepower measurement and a tuning tool.

Forged or Billet, I-Beam or H-Beam, do you know the differences in connecting rod construction, strength and features? We take a look at steel connecting rod manufacturing and the differences.

We take a look at what beginners should know about TIG welding. The pros at Lincoln Electric give us an inside look at the proper equipment, safety, and tips and tricks to get any first-timer ready to go.

Battery charging is a critical part of race day maintenance as well as vital to taking care of your race car between rounds. We take a look at the Moroso Power Charger, which offers a sturdy design, intelligent microprocessor control, and 12 or 16 volt battery charging.

Controlling pressure inside your engine’s crankcase can yield a significant increase in horsepower. This goes hand in hand with properly controlling your oil system. How much power and how you set things up are also tied together and will depend on your engine’s particular setup.

Welding is an essential skill for those who want to tackle fabrication on our own. Knowing the basics and having the right equipment is the beginning. MIG welding will open up new doors, so let’s step through them!

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